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Light pollution

I found a very interesting article about this topic, an article which made me think about the enormous abuse of light.

I was impressed by the consequences and price of this light pollution.

1. What is light pollution actually?

Light pollution, “lichtvervuiling” in Dutch, is actually the waste of light. There’s to many light on this earth and we squander to much. We use light we really don’t need in our daily lives.

2. Where is that wasted light then?

Everywhere on earth there’s light pollution, and especially in the rich countries like the USA and certainly also our own Belgium.

On our highways, there are to many lamp-posts. Way to many…

Also neon light for commercials is very useless and also lamps in your garden who shine at night are very un-useful. Nobody looks at it anyway so why would we use it?

People think it’s safer to put on the lights in the garden at night, but that won’t help a thing…

3. What about the safety?

Belgium is the country with the most lamp-posts in Europe, but nevertheless Belgium has the highest number of accidents in the traffic in the WORLD. That’s a bit ironic, but it’s a real fact.

In Germany for example, they don’t use that much light on their highways, and the number of traffic accidents is much lower than ours…

The main cause of death in Belgium are the car accidents.

The more light we use, the more accidents happen.

Much light gives us a fake feeling of safety and that’s why we take more risks: we drive faster for example.

Because we think it’s safe on our ways. But that’s just not true.

It’s the opposite actually.

Light won’t scare off burglars neither. It’s again the opposite: they actually use the light very handy to look at things closely. We make it very handy for the burglars to break into a house.

The light we put there for our safety nes, they use to break in…

4. What about the consequences of this light pollution?

The useless light is damaging for everybody who lives: for people, animals an nature.

The light damages the natural social climate and living conditions for animals. Animals who live at night are not made to have that much light, and normally, they go hunting at night for food. But now they don’t come out of their holes because of the light. They don’t have food and they die because of the lack of it. They don’t agree with so much light. They are not used to it.

Also plants don’t react normal anymore now there’s so many light. Their normal growing process is confused now.

Also many people have problems to fall a sleep, because of the light that’s outside.

And a very serious consequence: people who don’t sleep in a dark room at night, are very vulnerable for special kinds of cancer…

5. So what can we do about the light pollution?

ü More efficient light and lamps (PICTURE)

ü Just don’ t use the light you don’t need

ü Very strong lamps are also very damaging for us

ü There’s to much light on the highways

6. The price

The price we pay for this light pollution is very high.

If we wouldn’t spend that many light, we would save more than 16 MILLION EUROS!!!! And that’s an enormous number we actually can reduct easily.

It’s light pollution and a huge waste of money.

7. Conclusion

So if we all would care a little more about the light we use, that money could be used for much more interesting things…

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