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1. Title : The mind war

2. The author : Maureen Brook

3. Publishers : Co-publication of Unicorn Productions, The Netherlands, and Forlaget Mols/Flemming Nygaard Jensen Undervisningsmaterialer

ApS, Denmark

4. Stage : VI

5. Kind of book : Sience Fiction


6. Main charecters:


Bobby is a girl who is telepathic. She talks with her Grandpa silently (in their minds). She's a friendly and intelligent girl. At the beginning of the story she is four years old. Grandpa wants her to find other children who were also gifted with telepathy.


She is a two-years old girl at the beginning of the story, who is also telepathic. She is a kind girl who takes care of the little children in the dormitory.


He is just a baby when Bobby and Jennifer discover that he is telepathic too. His telepathic powers are very strong, but they have to be controlled. He thinks he's very special and that he's the onely one who has the gift of telepathy. He is very confident in his own abilities. He is a very clever boy who has been teaching himself the Meidon language. Later he becomes very bitter when he loses his right leg in a mine accident where he has to work He wants revenge against the Meidons.

Other charecters


He is Bobby's grandfather, who was a famous psycologist before the Meidons invaded Earth. His chief work had been on thelepathy, but these findings remained unpublished because of the Meidon invasion. He tried to organize a resistance movement aiganst them. He thinks that telepathy will help them beat the Meidons.

The Meidons

The Meidons came from another planet.They look very much like Earthpeople accept that all of them have a peculias blue skin and metallic grey hair. They don't have any expression on their faces and they appear to have no emotions. They think humans and animals are alike and nobody knows which of the planets is their home. They are very brutal and they dominat the whole world.


Dinah wants the Meidons make believe that Earth is dangerous to them.


He's a small boy from Calcutta and makes bricks.

Pied Piper

He keeps pet rats.


She's very small and shy. She lives in Australia.

7. Time

The story has to take place in the future, becouse there are aliens who invaded the earth. You can know that, becouse in the time we live now, there hasn't been any invasions from aliens yet.

8. Setting

The story takes place for the biggest part in a country where they speak English, probably America or England, becouse the names of the people are english such as: Jennifer, Tommy, Bobby. Some parts of the story are in other countries all over the world such as: India, Australia and Greece. The most important settings are the dormitory and the places where the children have to work, like the mines, the mills and the farms.

10. Opinion

I liked the book, becouse it was exiting. It takes place in the future but it could be happening for real sometime if there are aliens somewhere who will invade the earth.

It's funny that not the adults, but the children saved the earth. Not by fighting but with the strenght of their minds and their intelligence.

9. Summary

The earth is invaded by the Meidons, creatures from another planet. They dominate the earth.

The children were taken away from their parents, becouse the Meidons didn't want them to know about the life in the past, before the Meidons were there

Bobby is a girl gifted with telepathy. She talks with her grandpa, who's also telepathic, in silence. Grandpa was a famous psychologist before the Meidons came and his chief work was thelepathy, but the Meidons didn't know that. Grandpa told Bobby it must be possible to beat the Meidons with telepathy.

Bobby had to look for other telepathic children. There had to be a lot of them who didn't know they were telepathic.

She found two children in the dormitory, Jennifer and Tommy and they had to look for telepathic children over the whole world.After grandpa died she had to do it on her own.

Tommy was very intelligent, but he acted as if he was a kind of stupid. He found out the Meidon language, so they could see in the Meidons minds what they were thinking of and put thougts in the Meidons minds. Most of the Meidons were homesick. A boy from Greece found out that the Meidons went into hibernation. The children always thought they didn't sleep. There were two Meidon families. When one of the families went into hibernation the other was emerging from it.

One day an australian girl called Midget saw one of the Meidons get sick. The Meidon got frightened of a bushfire and fell asleep. The children tried to find out if the Meidons were afraid of fire, or the fear itself. It was the fear. When the got frightened, they became sleepy.A girl named Dinah said they had to make belief the Meidons that the life on earth was dangerous for them. They had to spread the rumor that the plague was coming on earth regulary, every 500 years. A boy from Calcutta called Sanjay noticed that the Meidons hated rats, and rats caused the plague. A boy called the Pied Piper had pet rats which were very well-fed. They let them out in the streets of Calcutta an the Meidons became very worried about the plague . The got frightened and so they became sleepy and didn't do their work properly. They all wanted to go home to their own planet and they did. The earth was free again.
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