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Wuthering Heights


Emily Bronte


Penguin books

First Edition


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Emily Bronte was born in 1818 at Thorton in Yorkshire. She was the fifth the six children of Reverend Patrick Bronte. Together with her sister Anne Emily created the fantasyland of Gondal which was part of a toy soldier game that they played with their siblings. Emily later wrote poems about Gondal from which the setting was similar to the setting of her hometown Haworth. In 1837 she became a governess at a girls' school at Law Hill. Here she wrote some poetry. Emily and her sister Charlotte studied in Brussels in 1842 because they wanted to start their own school. Their school however never opened. In 1846 Charlotte and Emily published poems, Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. Wuthering Heights was published in December 1847. A year later Emily died of Consumption. Charlotte later wrote the 1850 edition of Wuthering Heights.


Romantic novel


3: Love, revenge, death and the supernatural. For further information see characters.

Explanation of the title

Stormy weather in high places: similar to the stormy development between the relationships of the characters in this book. Reveres to the setting of the play: Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange


Introduction: Heathcliff is brought to Wuthering Heights by Catherine's father.

Initial incident: Mr Earnshaw dies leaving Hindley as the head of the family. Heathcliff treats Heathcliff as a slave.

Rising action: Heathcliff overhears Catherine saying she is going to marry Edgar because a marriage between her and Heathcliff would degrade her. After that Heathcliff leaves the Wuthering.

Climax: Heathcliff returns. Shortly after Catherine becomes ill Heathcliff asks her if she would haunt him after her death. At this moment they declare their love to one another. During the birth of Cathy, Catherine dies.

Down going action: Meanwhile Heathcliff is very unhappy about loosing his soul mate and hate's Edgar. Edgar is sick and Heathcliff manipulates Cathy to marry Linton so that he will inherit the Grange after Linton's death. Heathcliff inherits the Grange after Edgar and Linton have died.

Conclusion: Heathcliff refuses to eat anymore and eventually dies. In the spirit world he is reunited with his love Catherine. Local people have clamed to see Catherine and Heathcliff spirits wondering about together. Cathy and Hareton now have a loving relationship whereas they had one of the jailer and the inmate before Heathcliff's death.

Point of view narrator

The story of Wuthering Heights is told in the third person singular. Nelly Dean the housekeeper tells Mr Lockwood all about what happened at Wuthering Heights and the Grange. Because of this you see the story through her eyes which makes it a bit subjective.


Catherine, Heathcliff, Edgar: Catherine's husband, Isabella: Edgar's sister and Heathcliff's wife, Linton: Isabella's son, Hinley: Catherine's brother, Cathy: Catherine's daughter, Hareton: Hindley's son: Lockwood: new tenant of the Grange, Nelly the housekeeper, Frances: Hinley's wife. For me the main theme in this book is love. The theme is best described in the passionate and selfdestuctive relationship between Heathcliff and Catherine. They see each other as a vital part of themselves. Quotation: Catherine to Nelly" I'm Heathcliff". Heathcliff after Catherine's death:" I can not live without my life". Also important within this theme is seperation and reunion. When Catherine stays at the Grange. When heathcliff leaves and comes back. When Catherine dies and haunts Heathcliff. After Heathcliff dies and they are reunited in the spirit world. Other types of love in the book: The love between the parents and their children. Both Catherine and Cathy love their father very much. Cathy becomes a kind of mother figure for Linton. Hindley can not live without his diseased wife Frances and starts drinking. The love Between Catherine and Edgar is one based on friendship although Edgar truly loves Catherine. The relationship of Cathy and Hareton develop from the jailer and his inmate to true love. Cathy restores Hareton's dignity by helping him to get educated.


The story takes place at the Yorkshire Moors in England. Main place: Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange.


It was a good and intriguing story to read.
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