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Maureen Wartski- Dark Silence

Geschreven in: 1994

Blz: 189

Hoofdstukken: 12

Chapter one:

Randy (Miranda Jean) Wilmot, 16, is moving to a new house. Her Father Is remarried after the death of his wife eight months ago. Today they gonna move to a fancy neighbourhood. She doesn’t want to move to the house of Linda (the father’s (Ches) new wife). She is leaving all her friends and her memories of her mother. The house of Linda is much bigger and more beautiful then her old house but even chet (her boyfriend) don’t understands her. She hates Linda.

Chapter two:

Randy saw on Hawthorne Way a redhair girl on the road to school. Randy don’t know her. Patty, Randy’s best friend have seen Chet, who is walking with Annika. She is just Move and she looks very pretty. Chet says to Randy that they’re relation not going very well the last time. In English class is a new girl, it’s the redhair girl. When school is over Randy see that Delia crossing very hard away from school. Randy saw a car and warn Delia for an accident but Delia rolls over and ends on her stomach. Randy wants to help her but Delia wants to go home as fast as possible.

Chapter three:

Randy only thinks about her mother, who died when she needed something for a pie. She went to the market to get some sugar but she had an accident. Randy told her father she is a member of the Big Wheels now. A racing cyclist club. They are going to practicing for the Bikeathon in October. When Randy go outside she heard call names. It’s Mr. Abbot (Delia’s father). Randy says to him that Delia really fallen hard of the bike that day. She want to talk to Delia but Mr. Abbot don’t allowed it.

Chapter four:

At school Randy bump against Delia who had some pain and drops her books. When Delia pick up her books Randy sees a scrape on her back. It’s strange because Delia has fallen on her stomach! In the Library Chet says that she is really selfish and that they haven’t got fun any more the last time and he broke up with Randy. By the Big Wheels Chet came in with Annika (his new girlfriend), Randy feels very sick.

Chapter five:

Delia tells about her Grand-mother, she lays on the same place as the mother of Randy. She told Randy she cannot go there because her parents says that is an unhealthy place to be. At the Dinner Mr. Abbot told about discipline at home. Delia trown by accident a glass of water on the ground. Mr. Abbot is very furious about it.

Chapter six:

The friendship between Randy and Patty is not the same as before. After the Big Wheels meeting they go to Simmons (it’s a cafe). It’s the first time for Delia she comes there. She was talking with Frankie but she go’s right away to home. Her watch has broken and she is afraid to come home too late. Randy run after Delia and has a suspect that Mr. Abbot abuses his daughter.

Chapter seven:

Randy wants to help Delia but is afraid to go to the police. Randy asked to Chet if he wants to help her to come in by the Abbots with a pretext about to sponsor the Big Wheels, but Chet declared her for a fool. But in the evening he says that he want to help her because he don’t want that something happened to Randy. When Randy is by the window she saw Delia with bruises and stripes. Then Delia pushed Randy away and Mr. Abbot came in. He talked with Delia and walked to the window and Randy runs away.

Chapter eight:

Delia told Chet what she saw but Chet says that Randy must talk with Linda and Ches, bur they haven’t got time for her. The next day she want to confront Mrs. Abbot, but Mrs. Abbot don’t want to listen to her. After school Linda is very mad at Randy because Mrs. Abbot says to Linda that Randy importune her family. Linda says that she stay out of the way of the Abbots.

Chapter nine:

The cycling go’s on, Chet is now really nice to Randy. Delia avoid Randy. By the start of the Bikeathlon Randy saw Delia at the cemetery. Annika is also cycling, but she get soon cramp. Frankie sees the Bikeathlon as a great performance to ride everything, because his father gonna be very proud of him. When Frankie’s bike has broken he asked to switch their bikes. She don’t want it but she knows how important it is for Frankie and she switch her bike. When she arrived everybody is away but Mr. Lopez, he told her that he is proud of Randy that she switched her bike.

Chapter ten:

When Randy arrives home she heard from Linda that Delia has fallen from the stairs. Linda wants to take Randy to the hospital and told her everything about the abusing of Delia. On the way to the hospital Linda told Randy that she believes her. When Mr. Abott arrives with a wheelchair. Linda talks to Mr. Abbot, who’s get very furious. He let Delia saying that he don’t abused her. When They got in the car Randy see Linda for the first time as a girlfriend.

Chapter eleven:

When Chet that evening came he said that he broke up with Annika and he want to make a new start with Randy. Randy is very happy. But when she see that the house of Delia stood for sale she isn’t very happy anymore. That day Linda and Randy gonna bake a pie. When the doorbell ring Mrs. Abbot stood on the door. She said that Delia swallowed a lot of pills. They called an ambulance and Linda says to Mrs. Abbot that she must help her daughter because she is now accessory with it.

Chapter twelve:

When Randy arrives on the grave of her mother Delia stand next to Randy. She told that her family now in therapy is. She told that her father and her mother previous been abused. They gonna live by her family in New York, her mother gets there a job. Then they parting. When she got home she thinks that she never will be friends with Linda. On the end of the story Linda came up on her room with a cup of hot chocolate. Randy says blunt that she doesn’t want it. When Linda walks away disappointed Randy says: I only want hot chocolate if we drink that together. Linda is very happy with that. A beginning of a new friendship.

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