Boekverslag : Doris Lessing - The Fifth Child
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 444 woorden.

The storey situated two young people, Harriet and David. The married, went to live in a large house. They both wanted to have lots of children and that was the way it turned out too. Luke, Helen, Jane, Paul, … Everything went as they preferred it. They were happy as could be. They celebrated Christmas and Easter with the whole family and everybody loved to be there. But the pregnancy of the fifth child was not at all easy. The baby struggled a lot and Harriet had to take drugs to pass the time better. The fifth child Ben was large, very strong and he had a strange look in his eyes. He didn’t seem to be human. He sometimes was very aggressive. In a short period of time they found the dog and the cat dead. The only possible explanation was that Ben stifled them. The family suffered a lot, Ben got all the attention and he had to be looked after all the time. Christmas and Easter weren’t celebrated as in the old times. One Christmas the family decided that the situation wasn't liveable anymore. Ben was taken away. They kept the location of the institution secret from her, but at last David told it to his wife. Harriet couldn’t stand it anymore after a while. Harriet went to get Ben who was in a very bad condition. Harriet got to know John; he came along very well with Ben. He and his mates treated him rather rough but Ben liked it. So Harriet let Ben spend a lot of time with his new friend. But as life went on John had to leave town. When Ben went to the big school, there were no problems at all. He didn’t get very high marks but he tried as always very hard. But the family relations were not good at all. Luke and Helen went to a burden school and lived a lot together with their grandparents. Ultimately Jane also wanted to go to burden school and Paul had to spend lot of time consult ting a psychiatrist. Harriet and David weren’t angry anymore at each other but there still was a distance between them. David worked more and more and stayed away more often. By now Ben comes along with much older boys and he even seemed to be their leader. They weren’t afraid and they didn’t seemed to find him a strange one. Ben sometimes didn’t come home and he brought alone his friend very much. He and his ‘gang’ attended at manifestations. And there were lots of robberies and other violent things. Harriet wondered how Ben’s future would be like.
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