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The intruder (397p.)


Peter Blauner

The author changes in every chapter the person(s) he's talking about. So you follow a few persons, who in the beginning don't seem to have something in common, but gradually everyone comes together.

The most important person in "The intruder" is Jake Schiff, an attorney. He's married to Dana (Gerrity Schiff), who's a psychiatric social worker at ER, and they have one son: Alex, who's in his teens.

John Gates comes to Dana as a patient. John is recently fired as motorist of the metro cause he had almost a collision and since then he has been taking to much crack and he became homeless. But actually, his problems started earlier, by the death of his daughter, Shar. Dana promises to take care of John and she wants to take him as a regular patient, which is not a habit on ER. But John G. adores Dana and he follows her and comes to her house. He accuses Jake that he took his family from him, cause he thinks Dana is his wife. They try to get rid off John G., who even becomes violent at a certain moment.

Accidentally, Jake runs into Philip Cardi, who is very helpfully and offers to do some jobs at Jake's house. Jake also tells Philip about the bum (John) who has been harassing them for a while already. So Philip offers Jake to learn the bum a lesson. Jake is fed up with the harassment off John, so he agrees. So Jake, Philip and Philip's nephew Ronnie follow John into the tunnel he lives in. Jake just want to warn him that he mayn't come to his house anymore, but Philip and Ronnie want to hit John with baseball bats. Jake tries to stop them, but it's already too late. They kill John's friend Abraham and injure John.

Jake regrets having trusted Philip and he's very scared someone gets to know about it. But when the police catches Philip because he cut off a man's nipple, Philip offers to let him alone if he gives them a big case. So he tells them Jake murdered somebody.

A trial against Jake begins, and together with his lawyer Susan Hoffman and his wife, they try to find evidences to let the jury believe he wanted to stop the fighting. It isn't easy to find John G., who can testify he saw Jake trying to stop the fight. Even when they found John, the testimony isn't assured, cause first John doesn't dare to talk cause Philip has treated him.

Finally, everything comes right and now they are going to start a trial against Philip. The Chiffs think everything is all right until one day Philip shows up at their home to "take them for a ride". He intends to kill the whole family, but eventually, they succeed in beating Philip and so everything comes good.

I liked this book very much. The characters are described very well, as well as the liaisons between them. By reading this book, you get a very good sight over the bums and the "normal" people in N.Y.C.

It's a very captive book and although it has a lot of pages, it reads very fast. I would recommend everyone to read this book if they are searching for some suspense.
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