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Own Opinion

In advance

Before I read the exorcist I’d heard a lot about. About how terrifying it was, and that I shouldn’t read it when I was alone in the house at night. I’ve always liked horror stories, so I was looking forward to reading this book. When I finally read it, I was disappointed big time. It’s not scary at all. If I had not heard so much about it in advance, I might have liked the book, but now it was just not living up to my expectations.


I’ve always been interested in ghosts, possessions and everything supernatural, so I find the subject of this book very interesting.


The events in this book seem believable, because they resemble ordinary situations with just a little twist. The atmosphere is not very well descripted. You always know what’s coming, so the events don’t see, scary at all.


The construction is fairly simple, no time shifts or weird transitions. The writer uses a he-perspective, which makes the story easy to read.

Language Usage

Most of the book consists of dialogues, which gives the reader the impression he’s closer to the story. The words are simple and easy to understand. The sentences are short and simple. A (english speaking) child could read this book.


The characters in this book are not really believable, especially father Karras, who thinks that everything that has happened before isn’t a miracle anymore. The characters seem not very nice either, and they sure didn’t affect me in any way.

Analysis and interpretation


Title: the Exorcist

Author: William Peter Blatty

First published in: 1971

Genre: Horror

Period: Modern time


Chris McNeil, a famous actress, has a twelve year old daughter,

Regan. Regan starts acting strangely. Chris takes her to a lot of

doctors. None of them can tell what's wrong with Regan. Chris gets

the idea that regan is possessed. She brings in the help of Father

Karras. He gets approval from the church to assist with an exorcism

on Regan. Father Merrin has to do most of the work. One day when

Father Karras returns from his nap he finds Father Merrin dead on

the floor. He shouts to the demon inside Regan: 'take me, leave

Regan'. The demon takes possession of father Karras and he kills

himself. Regan is free.

Place and Time

The Exorcist plays in Washington D.C., modern time. Chris is a rich woman who owns two houses, and has servants in the house.


As I said in “My own opinion” the construction is chronological and easy to understand. The story is written in he perspective.


The possessed child is Regan, a twelve year old girl. In the beginning of the story she’s a nice child but when the demon possesses her she changes. She becomes crazy, first being aggressive and then doing all kinds of weird stuff like grunting gibberish and levitating above her head. The main character in the story is her mother, Chris McNeil. A rich but kind woman. She has a married couple as housekeepers, Karl en Willie. While she doesn’t like Karl for being to cool, she likes Willie. She also has a secretary, Sharon, whom she really likes.


I think the theme of this book is that there can’t be good without evil. But I also think the author didn’t intend a good moral or something, he just wanted to read a scary story.


Modern time.


I think that this is a good book, as long as you are not prejudiced about it. It’s not that great as people say, but it’s just a simple nice book.
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