Boekverslag : Jay Bennett - Sing Me A Death Song
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 939 woorden.

The title of the book is: Sing me a death song.

The writer of the book is Jay Bennett.

There are 131 pages in the book.

The book is published by Fawcett Juniper.

About the contents of the book

The story takes place in the places Manhattan and Thornton, two town the state Kansas of the USA.

The story takes place in this time.

The story takes a few days. (from Monday until Thursday or Friday)

The main character in this story is Jason Feldon.

He is 17 years old, almost 18.

He has brown hair and gray and quietly eyes.

He is very softly, won't hurt anybody.

The most important minor characters are:

Marian Feldon Mother of Jason, a good woman, but everybody thinks she's a murderer.

George Fuller The murderer of Arthur, he's a criminal.

Ed Carter He's a criminal too, George Fuller is his boss.

Frank Morgan A good man who was very important and now he's going to die and he's very sorry about the things he did in his live.

Lydia Ross Sister of Marian Feldon, cares for Jason when his mother is in jail and she's very worries about him.

Jason is almost 18 and lives by his aunt Lydia in Manhattan because his mother has been in jail since he was 10. Everyone thinks his mother is the murderer of Arthur Madison. 8 years long there were judgements over and over again and now she's avowed guilty and her execution is set on Friday, Jasons birthday.

One afternoon, if Jason is alone at home, the phone rings. It's Captain Frank Morgan. He askes Jason to come to his house and to tell nobody about it and he gives his address. Captain Frank Morgan was a very important person a few years ago and he sad that Marian Feldon was guilty in that time. But he knew she wasn't. He sad that because he hated all women. Now he's ill and going to die and now he's very sorry about it. In his other house in Thornton is a file that can proof that Marian Feldon isn't guilty. He askes Jason to get the file and bring it back to him. That file is very important, because it can save his mothers life. Nobody may knows about it because it's too dangerous. Jason goes to Thornton. When he's almost in Thornton a man (Ed Carter) askes a lift. Jason refuses.

When he is in Thornton he finds Morgan's house and goes inside. He find the file and goes back to Manhattan. After a few minutes there jumps a man for the car. It's Ed Carter again. He get in the car and takes his gun. Jason have to follow the van. Of course he does. The van stops by a house. Ed and Jason get off the car and the driver of the van too. The driver of the van is George Fuller. He says to Jason that he want to talk with him and that he won't hurt him. Jason walks into the house with George Fuller. George says that Morgan is an imposter and the file does not exist. There's nothing that Jason can do to save his mother. Jason must stay one night by George and in the morning he may go back to Manhattan. In the night, when Jason is sleeping, Georges wife goes to Jason. She wakes him up and says that he must leave now because George'll kill him when he's sleeping. Jason escapes, goes back to Manhattan and gives the file to Frank Morgan. They go to the police and Marian Feldon is save.

This book is an adventure story because there's happends a lot of things and the book is excisting.

I think the writer gave the book this title because Marian everytime sung the same song when Jason was little. Later, when Jason was ten and they saw each other for the last time (they tought) they called the song The Death Song. Everytime when Jason thinks of his mother he thinks of the song. The song descripes the emotiens of Jason. So I think that this title a good title for this book.

My opinion of the book

I chose these pages because they are ( page 104 & 105) excisting and there happends something that you don't expect.

I think the book is:

thrilling You want to know how the story ends.

written in an easy language There aren't many difficult words.

true to life It looks like of you're really there.

I'll give the book a nine. It's easy to read, and it's a nice story. I will recommend this book to others because this book is not difficult and nice.
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