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The newspaper boy

Title, author and published

Title: newspaper boy

Author: John Escott

Published: 1992

Place and date

The story's are set in the 20th century. I think that because there is nothing of the past or futher.

The story';s takes place in the newspaper round of Toby.

Main character

The main character is Toby. Toby is a boy with a dark skin and curly hair.

He has a job as a newspaper boy. He wants to be an detective.


Story 1: Alarm!

At a day in December Toby was doing his newspaper round at 6.30 AM.

Toby noticed something strange.

The light was on in the shop of mr. Spry.

That was strange because mr. Spry always sleeps at 6.30 AM.

Toby looks trough the window, but he fell.

An man comes out of the shop an takes Toby inside.

Mr. Spry is inside too, he tels that the 2 man are thieves and that they are robbing his shop.

Toby tels the 2 tieves that their been an accident at the hill.

The tieves are thinking because they have to ride to the hill but the can't because the police stands there.

They decide that they go trough the factory.

They lock Toby and mr. Spry up in a room.

But when they open the gate of the factory there goes an alarm in the police station.

The police comes immidiatly and arrast the tieves.

Mr. Spry gets his money back.

Story 2: The cutting

At a day in April Toby was doing his newspaper round.

There is an new owner of number 17.

Toby walks up the path to the front door.

The new owner is an older man whith a beard and moustache.

He asked Toby to help him with a desk that must be moved to an other room but is to heavy.

Toby helps and when the man is ansering the phone he sees an old newspaper cutting.

He began to read it.

The cutting is about an escaped prisoner. Toby thinks that the new owner is the prisoner, because he's very rich.

The next day the new owner tels that he an old police man is and that he investigate the case.

So toby must learn allot before he's going to be a detective.


I liked the book, it was easy maybe to easy.

But the book I startet with was to hard. ( the TV-kid )

It was funny and exiting.

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