Boekverslag : Anthony Bruno - Seven
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 445 woorden.

Number of pages: 49 pages

Simplified or not: intermediate


The book is about a serial killer that kills following the seven deadly sins: greed, gluttony, wrath, envy, sloth, pride and lust. Detective Somerset has seven more days before he retires and he just wants to get through those last seven days as easy as possible. But that’s not what’s going to happen. Seven days before the retirement of detective Somerset the serial killer starts killing. He kills one person each day. Detective Somerset and he’s new partner, detective Mills, don’t know how to solve this case because the killer is too smart and always one step ahead of the two detectives. Eventually the killer contacts the detectives and since than it becomes a bit more clear for detective Somerset and Mills. At the end they can catch the killer named John Doe. Detective Mills fires at John with his gun because John killed Mills’ wife. Then detective Mills have to go to prison en detective Somerset decides that he’s going to stay with the police because with Mills gone, someone had to stay to fight the fight.

Main characters:

1) Detective Somerset: he’s a black, thin, forty-five years old man with bags under his eyes and a sad face. He worked for twenty-three years as a homicide detective in the city and he was married twice but now he’s going to retire. He has always been fighting against criminality but now he had about enough.

2) Detective Mills: he’s a white, young man with short hair and a black leather jacket. He came from Springfield to the city to fight against homicide. He’s wondering weather he made a mistake by moving to the city. He don’t have a lot of experience yet but Mills always want’s to do the right thing.


The story takes place somewhere in the nineties, because the killer kills people because they are too pride, too greedy, etc. And that’s something you see very often these days.


The story takes place somewhere in America, in the city.

Personal opinion:

I did like the style of this story a lot because of it’s a modern story. I choose this book because I have seen the movie and I wondered weather the book would be the same as the movie or not. I liked the movie and now I have to say that I like the book also. The title of this book was chosen very well because the book is about the seven deadly sins. I like the characters very much. Somerset and Mills are both detectives but they take care of things in their own way. The book wasn’t too difficult, actually it was just good for me.
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