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De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1460 woorden.

author: H.E. Bates

title: Fair stood the wind for France

time: The Second World War

First published: 1948

Genre: - war novel. Not the fighting on the battlefield is important in the story, but the effect of the war on ordinary, usually innocent people


Love: the love between Franklin

en Francoise.

Dead: the dead of O’Connor,

the father, the doctor and

all the people who dying in

the war

War: The between the Germanys en

the other lands

Friendship: O’ Connor gave his live for

Francoise, Francoise was

helping the four men

Main characters:

- John Franklin. He was the Officer of the sergeants. He was the captain of a Wellington bomber. He loves Francoise. He had lost his arm.

- The four sergeants: O’Connor, Taylor, Sanders and Godwin.

- Francoise she gives the men shelter and carried for they. She was a very brave girl. She loves Franklin.

- Father: he cares for the just papers. He dying himself with Franklin’s revolver.

- Grandmother: She was a nice woman. She believes in God.

- Pierre, the farmhand and his sister who lives in Marseilles. They helped the man trying to escape.

- Doctor: Doctor amputated the arm of Franklin. He was a brave man. He was dying by the Germans.

- Miss Campbell and Miss Baker. They helped the Franklin, Francoise and O’Connor for the right papers.

Place of act:

The story takes place in France during the Second World War. At that tine France was divided into two parts: the Occupied Zone and the Unoccupied zone. The Occupied Zone was under German control. Franklin and his crew are happy to have landed in the Occupied Zone, because the people there are anti-German, and are willing to help German’s enemies.

Time of the act:

The Second World War. The whole story takes about half a year.

Social milieu:

Citizens, Clerials, Military man,

The Story:

After a mission over Italy in their Wellington aircraft, John Franklin and his crew are returning to England. While they are flying over France suddenly the aircraft dives to left. One of the air- screws has broken and the plane loses height rapidly. The plane crashes and Franklin loses consciousness. Franklin finds that he has bad wound in his arm and is losing a lot of blood. The other men are not hurt. When they are resting in the wood Franklin passes out again.

In the evening, the five men move on. Franklin wants to know if they are in the Occupied or Unoccupied part of France. They come across a small farm. A frightened woman tells Franklin she has no food for them. They swim across a river. From a hill they see an other house. A young woman is standing in the garden. The girl remains calm when Franklin asks her to help them. She tells him they are in Occupied territory but will not say where. She takes the five men in house.

The men wash and shave and have breakfast. The girl then takes them in a room in the mill near the house. The girl has a look at Franklin’s injured arm. She thinks it ought to be stitches by a doctor. Franklin, Francoise and Pierre drive to a town to see a doctor. The doctor takes care of Franklin’s arm. Franklin finds Francoise in the church. The buy some fruits and drive home again. Back home O’Connor tells him Germans has been at the house.

Because a German has been talking to Francoise’s father, the four sergeants are afraid they have been betrayed. The father explains that the Germans only came to talk about the vines. He promises to provide the man with the necessary papers so that they can travel on. In the evening Franklin walks to the river, there he kisses the girl for the first time.

The next morning Franklin feels worse. His arm is badly swollen. Francoise comes and she has papers for two of the men. It is decides that Taylor and Godwin will leave that same time. There are later papers for O’Connor and Sandy but they want not to leave until the doctor has seen Franklin. The doctor tells Franklin that the wounded arm must be amputated. His brother will perform the operation.

Franklin’s arm has been cut off above the elbow. Franklin thinks about England and about Diana, his girl friend. He assumes she will not want him with one arm. He loves Francoise. The doctor tells Franklin that Francoise often goes fishing on the river. The Germans will come to search the farm. So must Franklin hide under a tarpaulin in the rowing boat. When all is save they return to house. Francoise tells Franklin that she loves him. Father was gone to the town when he returns he is very depressed by what has happened. The doctor is one of the fifty hostages who have been shot that afternoon.

Ten days after the operation francoise's father has gone to arrange papers for him Franklin will leave in a day of two. In the orchard Franklin and Francoise make love. Francoises father has papers for Franklin in which it says that Franklin is travelling to a hospital in Marseilles. In the night the father shoot himself with Franklin’s revolver.

Because of the death of the father Franklin does not leave. Franklin sees in the mill a man in dark coats a walking random the house. She tells him that they must lave at once and she will go with him. They will row down the river to the Unoccupied Zone. Francoise goes shopping in a town near the river. Later that day they meet a man in a boat. He offers to help them to get across the Vichy border. In return of the boat he will give them food and a pair of bicycles. Franklin and Francoise spend two days in the man’s estaminet.

The man gives them the bicycles. Franklin asked Francoise to marry with him and she agrees. The cycle for three days until the reach a little town. Francoise wants to visits Pierre’s sister but she has moves Marseilles. They leave the ugly, unfriendly town as quickly as possible. In Marseilles Pierre’ s sister has a room for Francoise and Franklin stays in a room at a small hotel. He tries to find English clergymen so that he can marry Francoise. A gendarme asked Franklin for his papers, then Franklin hears the sound of shooting and he runs away. When he is hiding behind a railway car, he realises that they are shooting someone else. Then he sees an other man hiding under a train. It is O’Connor who looks worn out and is wounded.

Franklin takes O’Connor to his hotel and tells him that they want to marry. During the next two weeks they want to found papers for. But the papers can’t be found for O’Connor and no English clergyman can be found to marry Franklin. The one day on the street Franklin meets two women: Miss Campbell and Miss Baker. They give them the paper of George’s, their servant who has died. Miss Campbell advises him to leave immediately and cross the border by train.

That same evening they take the train to Madrid. At the frontier have all the passengers to get out of the train. In the crowd Franklin loses sight of both the girl and O’Connor. Suddenly Franklin sees O’Connor jump off the train. The gendarmes follow him and O’Connor shoots at him. Franklin gets into the train but cannot find Francoise. When the train starts moving he becomes frantic. Suddenly she is standing beside him. O’Connor had seen that Francoise was taken away by the gendarmes because her papers were not in order. He had run away to divert the gendarmes’ attention from her. Francoise cries because all the misery in the world.
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