Boekverslag : Desmond Bagley - Landslide
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 371 woorden.


: detective story

Main characters

Bob Boyd

Principal person, doctors and Bull Matterson thought that he was Robert Grant. They were not sure so he was called Bob Boyd. At the end of the story Bob knew that he wasn't Robert Grant but Frank Trinavant.

Bull Matterson

Friend of John Trinavant. Worked together with him and he was very rich. Howard Matterson Son of Bull Matterson. He made the car "accident" together with Lucy Atherton. After the accident he took over the job of Bull and John.

Lucy Atherton

Daughter of Bull Matterson, sister of Howard. She was married once.

John Trinavant

John Trinavant worked together with Bull Matterson. He was together with his wife, Son and Robert Grant in the car that crashed. He studied Geologic.

Frank Trinavant

Son of John Trinavant. He was in the car that crashed. He was supposed to took over the job of John and Bull.

Clare Trinavant

Sister of Frank Daughter of John. She was the last Trinavant who was alive(When they didn't know about Frank(Bob Boyd).).

Robert Grant

A criminal who studied Geologic. He lifted and came in the car of the Trinavant's.


: Fort Farrell


: Round 1965

Who tells the story

A narrator


In a car accident were father, mother and son Trinavant killed and a fourth passenger 'Robert Grant' was badly hurt but he survived. He lost his memory and his face was damaged. He got a new face and a new name: Bob Boyd. He went on working for Matterson as a geologic to look for oil or gas in the ground. He found nothing but there was something weird with the ground by the lake. And he found also a leak between Matterson and Trinavant. Frank Trinavant would lead the business but the children of Matterson didn't agree and took care of a car accident. Everything came true and the ground by the lake was quick clay. There came water in the quick clay and the dam broke.

My opinion

I did not read this book for pleasure reading because I think it is a little bit boring. I am glad that this book is briefer than our Dutch version in the bookcase. I shall not read this book again.
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