Boekverslag : Michael Anthony - Green Days By The River
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Michael Anthony

Title of the book

Green days by the river



Main characters


A fifteen old boy, who's life is changing. He takes his first steps into adulthood.


A girl who Shell is going to marry at the end of the story.

Mr. Gidharee

The father of Rosalie, and a good friend of Shell.


The girl that Shell loves in the beginning and wants to marry.


The Caribbean


Round 1965

Who tells the story



Shell's parents move to a new village and Shell meets Rosalie and her father. He often goes out with Mr. Gidharee into the bushes and he begins to love Rosalie. At a fĂȘte he meets Joan and new friends. He stops to love Rosalie and he admires Joan. Shell's father is very ill and he moves to a hospital. Shell comes to visit his father after a few months and he also visits Joan. Joan and Shell become boy- and girlfriend. They decide that Joan comes at New Year's day. Rosalie still loves Shell and when she sees him and Joan together she tells it to her father. Joan and Shell want to get married over a few years. When Shell and Mr. Gidharee move into the bushes, went the four dogs of Mr. Gidharee frisky because they had a drug from Mr. Gidharee. When Mr. Gidharee was gone for a while the dogs became mad and they went yapping at Shell and they attacked him. After a few minutes Mr. Gidharee came and they went away. Mr. Gidharee wanted Shell to marry Rosalie and if he won't he had to leave his mother. Shell's father becomes more ill and he dies. At the end of the story, Shell marries Rosalie.

My opinion

In the beginning the book was not that interesting but later it became more exciting. The most difficulty of this book was that it was written in a dialect. I got used to it later. The part I most liked was the chasing of the dogs. Retelling the story in another time was fun. The adding of an illustration was not that great because I didn't know what I actually had to do by this book. But after a while I got an idea and I think it was even more fun than retelling the book in another time.

Illustration explanation

I put some pictures about working on the fields and pictures about the forests because Shell often went together with Mr. Gidharee to the forests to work on the fields. The fields are also the place where Shell was attacked by the dogs.

Green days by the river in 3014

Today made it a week since Pa had gone to Paradise. No barking of electric dogs disturbed Pierre Hill as Mr. Gidharee and I flew over the road. There were a few strays floating on the road and they barely raised their heads as we passed. It must have been as strange for them, as it was for me, that we should go by without the electric Tobago dogs, but I did not ask any questions.
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