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The title of the book is ‘go ask Alice'. I am not too sure why it is called like that. 3 weeks after Alice has stopped writing in her diary, she dies. They can't ask Alice anything anymore now. Or maybe it is because Alice has a lot of experience in life, even though she is still young. She knows a lot about drugs and sex, and she is a very smart girl. Her parents can't tell Tim and Alex much about drugs, because they don't have any experience with it. And Alice wanted to help people after she had finished school. They could ask her anything.


The story takes place in America in the 60s.The story takes place in San Fransisco and other places, I don't know the names of the other places.


Love, Drugs, Friends, Family.

Main character

Alice: Alice is a very insecure girl. She never had many friends. She goes on a diet sometimes because she thinks she will have more friends then. She doesn't wants to use drugs, but it is a way to feel better. She loves her family very much, but she can't talk to them, and she thinks that they don't understand her. She wants to help other people. Young people, because she really understands what they are going through. She has had a lot of problems in her young life also.

Minor Characters

Her dad, her mum, her brother Tom, her sister Alex(andria), friends of Alice like: Greta, Beth, Chris, Joel, her grandparents.

Plot Outline

Alice is a girl who isn't happy with her life. She hasn't got much friends. If she hears that they are going to move and that she has to go to another school, and that they are going to live in a different town she is very happy. Immediatly, she goes on a diet. She hopes she will get more friends at her new school. But after the first day at her new school, she thinks nobody likes her. She hasn't got any friends at her new school. Then she meets Gerta, a girl who is as clodding and as misfitting as Alice. Gerta isn't a very good friend but at least Alice has got a friend. Her brother Tom and her sister Alexandria both had friends already the first day. Alice wishes she was more like them. One day Alice meets Beth, a girl who lives near her. The become very close friends and Alice is much happier. But when the summer holiday starts, Beth is send to a summercamp for 6 weeks. Alice decides to go to her grandparents, who are living in her old neighbourhood. The first days she is bored. Then she meets Jill. Jill asks Alice if she wants to come to her party that evening. Alice is very happy and goes to that party. They play a game. 10 out of the 14 of bottles of cokes had LSD in them. Alive gets stoned, and she has a great evening. After a few days Alice goes out with Bill, a guy she met at Jills party. He introduces her to torpedos and speed. Alice has a great time. When ‘Gramps' gets a little heartattack, Alice decides to help her grandparents as much as she can. When Bills calls her one night to ask if she wants to go out with him, her grandmother says she needs to go out, to have some fun. Alice didn't wanted to go out with Bill again, but she can't tell her granparents. That night, when she is stoned again, she has sex with Bill. Alice is afraid she has got pregnant. The weeks after she came home Alice is very depressed, but she can't tell her parents why. The doctor gives her tranquilizers ans sleeping pills. But they don't really work. Then Alice meets Chris, and they become friends. Alice is going to work at the same shop as Chris. Chris introduces her to 2 friends of her, Richie and Ted. Chris is in love with Ted and Alice is in love with Richie. Richie is giving Alice drugs and Alice is really happy. She wants to help Richie as much as she can, and that's why she sells drugs for him at school. Some day when she is going to Richie she sees him in bed with Ted. Alice is very mad and Chris and Alice are going to San Fransico. They have a dirty, small room. After a while Alice finds a job and Chris is still looking for a job. When Chris has got a great job, Alice quits her job to find a better one, and she finds a better one. When they have enough money they open their own boutique. At christmas Alice misses her family a lot and she and Chris close the shop and they are going back to their family. They have a great christmas. After New Year Alice and Chris are going back to school. But after a while Chris and Alice starting to use dugs again. Alice goes to Denver, where she meets a couple of kids. They are going to Oregon to see what's happening in Coos Bay. Alice isn't happy, she hasn't got any clean clothes, she is very dirty and she hasn't got any Tampax. At a healthcenter she meets Doris. She is going to live with Doris. They use a lot of drugs, and they don't really care about anything else.Then she is going to an old priest who wants to help her. He calls her parents and they pick her up. Alice is very happy that her parents are helping her, and that they still love her. She doesn't wants to use drugs anymore and she wants to help young people after she has finished school. Her grandparents are coming to see her, they seem to have aged so much, Alice can't believe that she has done this to her family. She is very sorry. At school, the kids are giving her a hard time. Some kids are trying to get her back on drugs again, but Alice doesn't wants to use drugs anymore. After a while her grandfather dies. Alice hates the idea that it is her Gramps who is going into the ground an that he will be eaten by maggots and worms. After 2 months Gran dies also. When Alice is going to study at the library at the university. She meets Joel there, a guy who she falls in love with. Her parents really like him, and they help him as much as they can. Alice and Joel are saying goodbye for the summer. When Alice has to babysit she eats some candy. But someone has put an overdosis drugs into it. Alice hurts herself badly and she is taken to a mental hospital. She meets Babbie and Tim there. In mental hospital she goes to school. She has told her parents about the drugs in the candy an that she thinks that Jan did it. Her parents believe her and they make Jan confess that she did it. When her parents have that confession Alice can go home. At her birthday party, her parents have invited Joel as a surpirse for her. Alice is very happy to see him again. Alice feels that, together with Joel, her future will be happy. And she decides that she doesn't needs a diary anymore, because she is an adult now, and she can talk about all the things, and she doesn't needs to write them in a diary anymore.

Your opinion

I think it is a great book. It is a sad book also. It is sad to read that such a young healthy girl starts with using drugs. She wasn't happy with her life the way it was. I like the way it is written, it is a diary. You have no idea what is going ot happen. Alice doesn't wants to use drugs anymore, but is she strong enough? You don't know that, I didn't expect her to die, but she died, and that is very sad.
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