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Title: The rats

Author: James Herbert

Publisher: New English Library

Year of first publishing: 1974

Year of ed. read: 2000

1: I had expected that the book would probably be about many rats. That expectation came true.

2: A photograph of two pages, which I liked the most. They are the pages 182 and 183, because then the king of all the rats, who are in London, is being killed by Harris. These two pages are also very excited, because Harris is still very frightened for this huge white rat.

3: The most importand passage in the book was obvious the pages 182 and 183, because then the leader of the rats is being killed, as I said already. This huge rat has been responsible for the dead of more than hundred people, who were killed by the black rats, all over London. Although Harris gets pretty heavy injured during the fight against a few rats, he can kill him and then the plague is all over.

4: Things that I like in the book:

· The story was very excited, because it was a horror-story. Not the genre I read the most, but now and then it is very interesting.

· The book was not difficult to read, because there were not extremely difficult words in it.

· I like the mean character Harris, because he is very smart and he has got much pluck.

Things that I did not like in the book:

· The story is sometimes a littlebit too nasty, because of the amount of blood in the story.

· There are too much little minor stories in the book, such as the stories in the begin of the book.

· No further things, that I did not like.

5: The moment, which strikes me the most, is when Harris is being attacked by four or five big rats in an empty house. He has not got any help from anyone, because everyone is evacuated.

That moment is very exciting and shocking, because I thought Harris was going to die, but he does not.

He kills every rat, including their leader: a very big white rat with two heads.

6: There is not any person in the story who reminds me of someone I (used) to know.

7: There also is not any event or occasion which reminds me of something that I witness or someone else has witnessed.

8: The most important person is Harris, because he is obvious the mean character in the book. You see everything from his perspective. Other important persons are Judy, she is the girlfriend of Harris and

Mr. Foskins, the man who organised all the actions against the rats. The other persons are much less important.

9: The main problem in the book is that there is a huge rats-plague in London. It are not normal rats, but these rats are very big, as big as a normal dog or even bigger.

10: In the end the problem is finally solved, because Harris kills the leader of all the rats.

11: I think that I have handled the problem the same as Harris did. He tries to kill the leader and I would do that too. I think. I do not know it exactly, because I have not ever witness such an event.

12: I learned from the book that rats can be dangerous, if you experience with them.


The book begins with a few little stories of people, who are being killed by the rats. They become ever-increasing number and more dangerous. On one day, teacher Harris has a pupil in his classroom who has been attacked by one of the rats. They go to the place where the boy has been attacked and they see a few very big rats. That same day, a baby and its mother has being killed by the rats. The other day the boy, who has been attacked, is dead. That week there were more people being killed by those rats.

Harris contacts someone of the Ratkill organisation and he tells them where the boy had been attacked.

They search a full week for the rats, but they did not find any big rats. Most people thought that it was now all over, but a week later, the rats attacked a metrostation and the school where Harris teaches. By the metrostation-attack the rats killed almost all people who were there, but by the school-attack there were only one or two people being killed by the rats.

Then there has been set up a unit which included researchers, persons of the Ratkill organisation, a politican and Harris. They want to kill all the rats who are in London, but their first plan to poisoning the rats was not entirely a succes. After a few weeks the rats were become immune for the poison and they attacked a full cinema. Then Harris comes with the idea to evacuate all people from London and to allure the rats with a very high tone to a few big building in London, where they will be killed by a special gas. That plan works terrrific, but Mr. Foskins went to the house, where they had been made by a professor. Harris went after him, but when Harris went into the house, he finds Mr. Fonkins lying dead on the floor with a few rats in him. They also attack Harris, but he can kill them all and then suddenly he sees an enormous white rat with two heads. Harris knows that it is the leader of the rats and Harris kills himwith an axe. Finally all the rats have being killed and also their leader. Then the story is finished.

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