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Title: Welcome to the Real World

Author: Ann Coburn

Published: 1992

Theme:Teamwork and blackmailing

My first impression

My first impression of the book was that I thought it would be a really nice book! I first read the back of the book and it seemed quite exciting to me. Also because it was about people of my age and I could think of what I should do when I was in a situation like that.

My first impression was very good and I hoped it would come true!


"Welcome to the Real World" is a book with two sides: A teenage novel with characteristics of a thriller.

Five children are getting blackmailed by Andrew (called D-Cup). The five children make a team and are going to fight back on Andrew. This book is more than a thriller. The book shows a lot of friendship, solidarity and ways to solve problems.

Rosa is the leading person in this story. She's getting blackmailed by Andrew, he wants money. She gives him the money but she's going to fight back. She won't let Andrew blackmail her.

Andrew likes it to let them feel pain. Every child he's blackmailing has a secret and which he knows. He's blackmailing them, if they don't do what he says he will publish there secrets on school.

Rosa is at school. Every school year has it's own place on the school yard. After some time Rosa has seen everything on school and she hates the old school building. Rosa is in love with Jason, at some day she tries to steal a photo of Jason from the school publicity board, but Andrew saw her and took a picture. Andrew is starting to blackmail her with the photo, he wants money. The first time she gave him the money he asked for and so she wanted the photograph back, but Andrew won't give it to her. After some time Rosa found out he's also blackmailing 4 other children. She tries to arrange a meeting with the 4 other children about Andrew and his blackmailing.

The 5 children are: Rosa, Jason, Chrissie, Meena and Liam. Each has his/her own secret. Andrew is blackmailing them with this secrets. If they don't do what he wants he will publish it at school. The first meeting was not succeful, the second time they met each other they told all the secrets. They decide to fight back on Andrew.

They made a plan to record everything on video-tape. They took an video camera to the school and placed it hided in front of the door which Andrew used most of the time. Then Chrissie went to Andrew so the other children can record of Andrew what he's doing to her. Andrew is pissed about the first meeting they had at the school yard. He's makes her having pain but they got everything on tape!

After this they're breaking in in his bungalow. The window is open but they can't find the bag with evidence. It's possible Liam told Andrew about their plans because he's not helping the others. Something is going wrong they heard a noise, so one of them acts like a cat, to make it normal.

Andrew saw Liam at his house and wanted to know what he was planning to do. Liam told him everything because otherwise Andrew would tell to the police about his father. The plan failed and they're all blaming each other. Jason started a diary when his grandmother died and he's afraid Andrew will publish it.

Then Liam got a very nice plan. To celebrate it they're going to paint his bungalow. Jason wrote in his diary he likes Rosa. They think the box with secrets is at the old school building.

That night is there a party in the Main Hall, it's a perfect time to get the box. When they're searching for the box Andrew got in and he found them. Jason disappeared but he came back. He fell upon Andrew and faced him down.

The 5 children don't care anymore about there secrets because all. D-Cup (Andrew) has nothing anymore to blackmail them. They're are free from him now!



She always wears black clothes and doesn't like boys she isn't really busy with that yet. She can study quite good and she is a hard working pupil.

At the beginning of the book she felt in love with Jason. She even took a great risk by stealing a photo from the school publicity board. She was the first one who started talking to the other victims of the blackmailing.


He is the most popular boy at school because he is a good talker and he looks good, according to many girls.

His dad is a professional player in football, but his father is not nice to Jason he forgets him often.His dad is a professional player in football. The secret of Jason is that his father doesn't look after him.


She is very sure of everything she does and she says, she says what she thinks but on a proper way.

The secret of Meena has to do with a calculator. She used it when she had to do atest but it wasn't allowed. She was caught during the test.

The secret doesn't show how Meena is in reality. She really differs from that.


He is a bit shy, he doesn't say much. He's quite afraid of people when he don't know them well. He also wants to protect his father because he has stolen cd-players, and the police is looking for him.

His secret is the situation of gis father, because Liam knows what his father did, but ofcourse he is not proud of it.

Liam is also so poor and wears old clothes but he doesn't worry about this he is content with what he has.Christine

She is always very kind to other people but she is being influenced very soon and easy. An example is the situation with her boyfriend, he wanted to go to bed with her but actually she didn't want that. But unfortunately she said yes and she got pregnant of him. Her parents were very furious about this and felt ashamed.


He is very mean to other people and like to see other people suffer of what he caused. He is blackmailing the five persons I already told about above.

He says to those five he will tell their secrets at school if they don't do what he wants. They called him D- cup and that name he has always kept.Since he was called this way he takes revenge and like to bully other people.

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