Boekverslag : Christopher Sry - A Phoenix Too Frequent
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 441 woorden.


There are two women, Dynamene and Doto (a slave) sitting in a tomb with the body of the late husband of Dynamene. Because her husband has just died Dynamene doesn’t want to live either and Doto feels the same.
Above the ground is a line of trees in which several bodies are hanging.
Together they are waiting for death so they will meet Dynamenes’ late husband again. Dynamene is crying, her husband was a sailor and she woke up from a strange dream in which she was standing on a boat, that boat was her late husband.
After a while Tegeus, the guardien of the dead bodies above the ground comes into the tomb to ask what the women are doing there and Doto tells him that they want to die.
Dynamene says to Tegeus that he must go away but he stays. After a long talk he gives Doto and Dynamene some wine because he hopes to keep them from dying and brings a toast to her late husband. Tageus has to guard the six bodies haning in the trees, when he goes to check on the bodies, one is missing.
He comes back into the tomb and tells Dynamene the story. Dynamene likes Tageus, she wants to help him and gives him the body of her late husband so he will have six bodies again. Tageus is now very happy and they drink again to Dunamene’s late husband.


She is a woman and was married with a sailor. To her he was very importent, she admireted him very much, because of his status.
Slowly she gets convinced of another meaning of life: “You must never die, never. It would be an affence against truth”

Doto has no reason of her own to be sad, she was the slave and never gave her own opinion about things and only follow Dynamene.
She stays the way she always has been and that is a slave. So when Dynamene decides to go on living, she does the same.


It is all about loylity: To the late husband of Dynamene and Doto to her master.
Dynamene easily changes her mind for her own good and is loyal to her self, while Doto keeps loyality to her master.


The whole play is in the tomb and there are no set-changes.


In the book they don’t give information about the time, but I think it is old greece.

Preference: witch character do you want to play

I’d like to play the late husband because two women want to die for me, and at the end I am very useful.
Maybe I would change that I would become alive and take over the main part.
By the way, the play was very boring.

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