Boekverslag : Judy Allen - Amsterdam Quest
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 631 woorden.

Why this title?:

There’s a big quest in Amsterdam, Jo and Ruth are in quest of the person who wants the Buddha and Karel and Julio are in quest of the Buddha.

Two important people:

Ruth- she has a lot of red hair with silver on turquoise beads threaded on the bit hair in the middle. She wants everything goes perfect.

Jo- she thinks that she can handle everything very well on her own. She doesn’t worry about anything, she thinks everything is going to be all right and everything will solve its self.




In the time we live now.


Jo and Ruth are friends. Jo works for a travel agency called Tour Quest. Jo‘s parents are the owners of the travel agency. They are invited by Philippe’s parents to come to Paris in France because Philipp was also by Jo last year and they want to thank Jo for that. When they are packed and they are standing on the airport Jo’s mom comes to them and tell them that they are going to Amsterdam to show Amsterdam to a group of rich American people. This is because the one who actually do it was ill and they needed someone who will does it for him. They go to Amsterdam and when they arrive there their bags where away. They are going to look for them but they can’t find them. They go to there hotel. They met the group and went to a gallery. There someone walks into Mr. Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence discovered that his wallet has gone and they try to catch the pickpocker but they can’t caught him. They also went to a shop with very expensive and very special things. Mrs. Lawrence bought a very expensive Buddha statue. They went back to the hotel and Jo and Ruth have the feeling if they where persuaded by someone but they didn’t see anyone. Jo and Ruth still don’t have any bags. They discovered that the pickpocker also wants to have the Buddha but the Lawrence’s don’t want to sell it or give it away because they like it very much. Karel who also persuaded the Lawrence says he is a monk and he had followed them because he wants the Buddha. The Buddha was of the cloister but he was gone there now he wants the Buddha back. The Lawrence believed him but Jo and Ruth didn’t. Jo calls Bill, he is a colleague of Jo’s mother she wants that Bill checks the Buddha story of Karel. Bill said that the story is true. Julio (the pickpocker) is looking for an innocent costumer who buys something small and expensive. He goes to that person and he approaches with a heart-rending story and wants that the person give it to him or lent it him. He will sell it to his connections and it will disappear out of country and the people will never see there properties again. He also wants to do that with the Buddha. That’s why he had followed the Lawrence.

The Lawrence will give the Buddha to Karel. They made an appointment that Karel will come to get the Buddha. Julio discovered that Karel goes to the Lawrence to get the Buddha. He drugged Karel so he was incautious. He goes to the Lawrence and he says that Karel is sick and that he is a good friend of him and that he comes to get the Buddha for Karel. The Lawrence didn’t believe Julio and they send him away. Jo and Ruth followed him and they came to his hotel, there they found Karel and they went to the police. The police cached Julio and he had to go.
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