Boekverslag : Joy Adamson - The Story Of Elsa
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 469 woorden.

Summary EN leesverslag: Born Free;

The story of Elsa

In the first part you make acquaintance with George and his wife, they have lived for long in Kenya nearby the place Isiolo. One day n 3 little lions (cubs) were born. They are brought to George, (because their mother was shot) and he will teach them: when they are something bigger he must let them go free, from that day on they must look after themselves. The smallest cub called Elsa, he kept her some time longer because she was so little. George and Elsa go together into the "wild nature", where he taught Elsa different things, wild animals and food. Elsa felt very out of her element. The two other cubs learn fast and George can let them go. But Elsa doesn't learn so quikly.

Some time later they go on safari, to the Rudolflake nearby the frontier with Ethiop. They must cross the whole country, but that was a good test for Elsa, to lern how to react in wild nature. They came to the point that they, George and a lot of local people how go with George on the safari, must arrange a lot of things and also how react Elsa on a lot of things. First they buy a jeep, Elsa can lay on the front and so they go on their way. They must know a lot of things before they leave.

They make acquaintance with different tribes, they live in this area. Some are dangerous, others are friendly, they give fish to George and the others to eat. There are also local people on the safari, so everything will be okay with the dangerous tribes.

On safari there are also negative points: for example sandstorms. They survive them but you cannot sleep and eat all because of the sand. Elsa was very restless. Except different sandstorms are there also wild aminals, you must look out for. Elsa isn't scared of giraffes, but for lions must she watch out. Also Elsa, is a tame lion and the others are very wild, so it will not go well, they don't accept her and kill her.

Here too everything was all right, and they drove further to the next place where they will stay overnight. Now the last part begins: Elsa must learn how she must catch her food and to live on her own, this is very difficult and George trie everthing during a lot of days and on one day it happenend: she had caught her one food and so she can live on her own. Now the most difficult moment: Elsa and George must take parting. George though that he will miss Elsa a lot. One day he let Elsa alone and went back.

This is the end of the story.
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