Boekverslag : George Orwell - Animal Farm
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 476 woorden.

Date of first publication: 1945
Total number of pages: 112

Date started : 18 november 2000
Date finished : 21 november 2000

Rate (simply rate your enjoyment on a scale of 1-10): 7.5

Favourite moment, incident or chapter (with page references):
My favourite moment is when Napoleon is false accusing four pigs of treachery and without any regret he orders to kill the four pigs. Then three hens say that Snowball appeared to them in a dream and he ordered them to disobey Napoleon’s orders.
They also were slaughtered. Some more animals confess to Napoleon, that they steel or did something else what wasn’t allowed to do, according to Napoleon’s laws. This al happens on the pages 68 and 69.

Why did you choose this book?
I heard that the book was easy to read.

Point of view.
Through whose eyes do we see everything take place?
Through the eyes of the author.

Describe this character:
He doesn’t like the communism.

Where does the story take place?
The story takes place on a farm in England.

When does the story take place?
Is has no effect on the story when it takes place, it’s is only written to make fun of the communism.

Title (Explanation of the title)
Animal Farm is the name that the animals gave it, when they conquered the farm.

Mention 2 or 3 of most important minor characters in the story.
Boxer and Clover, both aren’t very clever, but they can work very hard and all the animals look up to them.
How do they influence the main characters?
They don’t really influence the pigs, but the pigs are just using them for all the hard work.

Which character reminds you most of yourself? Why?
Non of the animals reminds my of myself.

Plot (brief outline):
The owner of the Manor Farm treats his animals very bad. One day a smart pig (Major) has an idea of starting a farm which is runned by animals. After he died, two pigs, named Napoleon and Snowball, are starting to work out the plans of Major. After they chased the humans away, they took over the control. All the animals agreed with the plans of Napoleon and Snowball.
But one day Napoleon chased Snowball away, because Napoleon accused him of talking to the humans, which was illegal. Then Napoleon took over the power and now he is the leader of the Animal Farm. At the end pigs, who are in charge, decided to trade with humans.
Meanwhile the pigs were also walking straight up, just like humans. The pigs invited the human to there farm for a party. When the other animals look in the house, where the pigs live in, it was impossible to say which were which.

How does the story end?
The story ends with that the animals can’t see the difference between the pigs and humans.

Is the story rounded off completely or is there an open ending?
The story is rounded off.

Theme (Why has the book been written):
To warn people against the totalitarian regimes and dictatorship.

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