Boekverslag : Betty Mahmoody - Not Without My Daughter
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 521 woorden.


Betty, Moody and Mathob are going for two weeks to Iran, the home county of Moody. They will stay there with the family of Moody. When they arrived at the airport of Theran the relatives of Moody were already waiting for them. Betty had a bad feeling about going to Iran with her daughter, because she knew that they would never see America again.
The first week passed by and Betty and Mathob are counting the days till the two weeks are over.
When the last day comes Moody tells Betty that he has been fired at the hospital back in the USA and that they will not return.
From that moment on, Betty will do everything to escape Iran.
She meets a man named Amhal who will help her to escape but she has to be very patient. Eighteen months pass by and Betty was living in hell.
The situation is so bad that she and Mathob ran away to the apartment of Amhal. The next day he helps them to escape to the USA.
They will travel by different cars and cross the border to Turkey by horse. It was the most difficult way to travel but there is now other solution. After five days they cross the Turkish border and travel by bus to the city of Ankara. There they contact the American embassy and go back home, to the USA.


Betty, the main character of the book, is a loving mother and is remarried with Moody. Together they have a six year old daughter named Mathob. She never thought Moody would take her against her will to Iran. Moody had sworn by the Koran that they will return to America after two weeks and she believed him.
When he told her that they would not return she decided to do everything to escape.
She hates Moody so badly that she wants to divorce but she knows that doing so she will lose her daughter to Moody, because that is the law of Iran.

“This is a mistake, I said to myself. If only I could get off this plain right now I will do it.”

Moody was in the beginning a good husband and father, but when they arrived in his home-country Iran he became a real Iranian man. He started to beat his wife and daughter. He lied about returning to the USA. Moody is a doctor and works at the local hospital of Theran.
He changed from a good father and husband into a very bad person.

“I am going to kill you! He screamed in English, do you here me”


Not without my daughter, A mother will never leave her daughter in this hated country.

“I will never leave her here, I will not do it. If she is not going back I am not going back”


- love (between mother and daughter)
- hate (between man and wife)
- different cultures
- religion


It’s about a woman and her daughter who were kidnapped by her Iranish husband. The woman decides that she wants to go back to the USA. Finally she and her daughter can escape.


I read the book with a lot of pleasure. It’s good to understand and is very exciting.

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