Boekverslag : Stephen King - Carrie
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 2566 woorden.

Date of 1st publication: 1974
Number of pages: 245


Carrie is a fiction novel about a girl who has telekinetic powers, which means she can move objects with her mind, without touching them. The novel has been split up into three parts. The story about Carrie is varied with pages of books about telekinetic powers, about the way a main character thinks of it afterwards. The novel also contains articles from police reports. The two books which vary the story most are "The Shadow Exploded", a book in which is going after the background of Carrie and the event in which the whole town got killed. In this book are suggested things about Carrie, but the authors cannot be sure, because this book has been written after Carrie died. The other book is "My Name Is Susan Snell", in which Susan Snell, a main character, usually called Sue, describes who she felt about Carrie, and how she noticed her Telekinetic powers. Sometimes there are newspaper articles too. The other book pages and articles are about telekinetic power, and who carrie rased up.
Because there are from the beginning articles about the event, when Carrie dies, there is a pre-knowledge about what is going to happen, and the articles tell things before they really happen in the story.

The story

Part one: Blood sport

The story starts with a newspaper article about a strange event. On the house of Margaret White and her daughter Carrietta fell stones. The people in the neighbourhood think it is just good for the "White bitch". This was caused by the telekinetic power of Carrie, but nobody knew that. Carrietta, usually called Carrie is always tricked at school. She is going to the Ewen High, a school in her the town were she lives, Chamberlain. She has now friend and everyone dislikes her. A day, when the Carrie's class have had Gymnastics, the girls are showering. When everyone is ready, Carrie is still under the shower. Miss Dejardin, the gym teacher, tells Carrie to get ready. Carrie wants to come, but the she notices that there is blood running down her legs. Carrie does not know what is happening, and she thinks she is bleeding to death. The story is interrupted by a article about telekinesis, in which is told that Carrie can move objects with her mind. The story continuous with Chris Hargensen, a girl from Carrie's class, shouting at Carrie that she has her period. Carrie does not know what is meant withe period, and starts to scream. The girls in the shower room are all yelling "plug it up" at Carrie. Carrie runs totally hysterically and the girls throw tampons at Carrie. Carrie Collapses in the corner of the room. Sue, a girl who also threw and shouted at Carrie starts to feel sorry for Carrie because she really does not seem to know what is happening to her. Miss Dejardin comes in and she sends all the girls away. She calms Carrie and helps her to clean herself up. Carrie still thinks she is bleeding to death.

Carrie was born in 1963, her mother is Margaret. Her father, Ralph White died before Carrie was born in an accident. The family White is very religious, almost near fanatic fundamentalist. The birth of Carrie was not expected by her mother. Margaret thought she had cancer of her female parts, and did not even know she was pregnant till the moment Carrie appeared.

At school fifteen minutes later, Carrie and Miss Dejardin are going to the principal Mr. Morton.
Carrie is allowed to go home rest of the day. Mr. Morton calls Carrie "Wright" instead of White, and Carrie gets so angry that she let drop the ash trash from the table without touching it. When Carrie has gone Mr. Morton and miss Dejardin talk about Carrie's youth. Carrie has always been laughed at cause of her religion.

Carrie comes home and waits till her mother comes home. Her father Ralph was never liked too. He was said to go to his work with a bible and a gun. He always worried about the none religious people and that is why he took a gun with him.

In the evening Sue is with her boyfriend Tommy Ross. They think about the spring ball. Sue and Tommy and Sue are both very popular and good-looking, and they will probably be chosen to king and queen of the prom. Sue is still feeling very sorry for Carrie.

Margaret White comes home early because school has called her. Carrie wants to know why her mother had not told her. Her mother does not answer and tells Carrie that it is a curse of God for girls who think about boys, just as breasts, which are caused when a girl thinks about boys, Margaret calls breaths "dirty pillows." Carrie has to go to the closet and pray there. She always has to go there when she has done something wrong.

The next day at school, miss Dejardin is very angry and tells the girls that what they did yesterday was a really shitty thing. Miss Dejardin wants to let none of the girls go to the prom, but the principal thought one week detention would be enough. Everyone who skipped the detention would still miss the prom. The detention will be given by miss Dejardin.
Chris is not very pleased with this and she is hit by miss Dejardin.

Chris Hargensen skips the week detention, and wants the other girls to do so too. But none of them wants to miss the prom, so they go. Chris' father goes to the principal. He is a lawyer.
He demands a prom ticket for his daughter and the contract from miss Dejardin must not be Extended. If the school does not do this, Mr. Hargensen will bring a charge, because miss Dejardin had hit his daughter.

Sue asks Tommy to go to the prom with Carrie instead of with her, because she is feeling quilty to Carrie after the shower thing. Tommy does it, because he loves Sue. When Tommy asks Carrie, Carrie thinks she is being tricked. After long pondering, Carrie says she goes with Tommy to the prom.

In the book "The Shadow Exploded" is being asked why Tommy asked Carrie to the prom night, where just twelve people came from alive.

At home, Carrie sews herself a dress. She has bought nice material. Carrie thinks about her invitation at her room. She is trying her telekinetic power a little. She is getting better every time she does it.
Carrie tells her mother about the invitation, but her mother tells her she cannot go. Margaret wants Carrie to go to the closet and pray there. Carrie makes her mother go at her knees. Her mother thinks she is a devils child. Carrie goes on with making her dress. She thinks she goes to the prom, no matter what is going to happen.

Chris' father is not going to get prom tickets any more, and he withdraws the charge against the school. The principal is afraid of Chris and her friend Billy Nolan. He is afraid that Chris and Billy will bring their friends with them and go to the prom.

In "The Shadow Exploded" is given the cause of Carrie's telekinetic power. Both her mother and her father were having the TK gen that cause telekinesis, but in only arises when two people carrying the gen get a child. The telekinetic arises only with women, Carries grand-mother should have had telekinetic power.

In school, they are preparing for the prom night. Chris is also there and they are telling her Tommy is going with Carrie to the prom. Chris finds the voting billets for the king and the queen voting on the prom and she gets an idea. She looks to the other names on the billet and finds out almost nobody has a chance to become king and queen of prom.

Billy Nolan goes to a farm with a couple of friends. Only Billy wears gloves. They kill a few pigs and put their blood in buckets. This was an idea of Chris.

Part two: Prom night

Carrie shows her dress to her mother. Margaret is not pleased and says it is all going wrong. She wants Carrie to burn her dress, but Carrie will not do that.

In "The Shadow Exploded" is told that Carrie's telekinetic talent is caused by the religious mania from her mother, and that, normally raised, the whole story would have been different.

Chris and Billy meet, and go to the gym room, where the king and the queen would be crowned. Above the place were the king and queen will be crowned, they put the buckets with pig blood on a railing. They make a string at the bucket so the can pull it over, and the king and the queen, probably Carrie and Tommy, will get the blood over them. The buckets cannot be seen from below because the lights shine too bright.

Tommy goes to Carrie's house and he picks her up. They are going to the prom. Once there, they are enjoying themselves very well, but they do not dance, because Carrie cannot dance.

Margaret waits at home for her daughter to come back. She thinks she should have killed Carrie when she was born, and because she did not, Carrie has the same ability as her mother to let objects move. Margaret thinks it is a devil power and thinks Carrie has to be sacrificed.

Chris and Tommy wait till they can pull the string. They know, that when the king and the queen are chosen, the school band will play the school song, and so they wait until the band is going to play.

The voting has taken place, and after two ties, Carrie and Tommy are chosen to be king and queen of the prom. Tommy and Carrie take place right under the buckets, and then the school band plays the song. Chris pulls the string and gets out of the place.
The blood goes over Tommy and Carrie and the crowd starts to laugh. Carrie is fully red. Then a bucket falls from the railing right on Tommy's head and he loses consciousness. Carrie had her eyes closed, but then at once she opens her eyes very wide. This make the crowd even laugh harder. Carrie gets very mad and she uses her telekinetic power. She let all doors close, and the people want to escape. It is no use, but a few people are going to the back door. They survived.
Carrie makes it rain, to spoil all the dresses and hairdo's. Then Carrie pulls the electricity, and with the water, it leads to short-circuit and there are arising fires. The people who are still there are burned to death. Carrie walks out the door, and she is on her way home. Walking home, she lets explode all gas-station. There are arising fires everywhere from this moment and the fire department and ambulances are driving all over the place. Carrie opens the main gas supply, just in front of an waiting ambulance. The driver throws out his cigarette, and half of the town is on fire. Carrie walks home, to make her destruction complete. She wants to kill her mother.

From a testimony of Caro Simard
Caro Simard, a woman who wants to know what is going on in the city goes with her friend Shyres in town. After a while, she sees Carrie White. She had never seen her, but she just knew it was Carrie. Carrie let the high-voltage power lines drop on the running people. There is a total panic, and the people start running. Once running, they get a power line at their head. Caro and Shyres do not want to die, and Shyres starts running. She gets a power line at her head and she burns to death. Caro does not start running, but tries to walk away. She has to jump over the bodies and power lines, but she survives.

The way to Carries home is a way of destruction. Carrie comes home. Margaret is home. She is planning to kill Carrie. Carrie is planning to kill Margaret. Margaret thinks it is the final judgement today and she tells Carrie how she was Beget. Carrie does not want to hear it, but her mother starts telling. Margaret and Ralph had never had sex, they only lay in bed belly to belly. One night, Ralph smelled of whisky. He wants to have sex with Margaret, and when Margaret has had whisky herself, they had sex. Margaret wants to kill herself, but then there was the accident with Ralph. Margaret feels strange in her female parts, and she thinks she is having cancer. When Carrie came, she wanted to kill her with a knife, but she could not. When Carrie was three she tried it again, but again, she could not. Now Margaret has the same knife in her hand and she wants to kill Carrie. Margaret tells Carrie to start praying, and then she stacks her with the knife. The knife comes in Carries shoulder, and Carrie let her mother sit down. Carrie thinks about her mothers' heart. She lets it run slower, till it finally stops.

Billy and Chris are in a cafe. One of the guys who got the pig blood comes for Billy. His fingerprints are on the buckets. Billy tells him he deals with it. Billy and Chris are not going to do something about it, they are just going to California. When they leave with the car they hear "Carrie Carrie Carrie Carrie" in their minds, and it is getting stronger the further they go. Then Carrie is in front of them. Chris and Billy are trying to run her over with the car, but Carrie "throws" the away. Carrie was hit, but Chris and Billy lose the road and stop against a tree. They are both dead. Carrie lays on the ground, waiting to die. She is found two hours later by Sue.

Sue is also walking in town. She as at once a lot of knowledge. She knows that Tommy is dead, that Margaret is dead. She also knows what Carrie did. Somehow she is not feeling sorry for Tommy, but she is for Carrie.

Point of view

I really liked the novel, because it was written nicely and the story was very enjoyable to read. The story was thrilling. The story was fiction, but the events were written in a way that it almost was if you were in it yourself. Once reading I almost could not stop. The novel was not very hard to read, the sentences were not very difficult, but because there were book pages threw the story, it sometimes was hard to understand what was happening. The differences in time between de articles were also hard to follow. In the last part of the novel the events are not sorted on time, but go right threw each other. It could happen that somebody died and an sentence below, the person was still alive. On the whole, I understood most of the story. The end of the novel was unexpected, because you would think Carrie would survive. The change of perspective, caused by the books and articles gave a nice effect, and you got two sides of the story. The story sometimes was a little difficult by the religious things said in the novel, because you need a little religious pre-knowledge.

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