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Nicholas Evans was born and grew up in Worcestershire, England. He studied law at Oxford University, graduating with first class honours, then worked as a journalist for three years on the Evening Chronicle in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He then moved into television, producing films for a weekly current affairs programme. It was during this time that he travelled a lot and got to know the United States.

In 1982 he started to produce arts documentaries - about famous writers, painters and filmmakers.

In 1983 he made a film about the great British director David Lean. Lean became a friend and mentor and persuaded Evans to switch from fact to fiction.

For the next ten years, Evans wrote and produced a number of films for television and the cinema.

In 1993 he met a blacksmith in the far Southwest of England who told him about horse whisperers. Evans started work on what was to be his first novel.

Now Nicholas Evans lives in London and Devon, England.


The Horse Whisperer

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On a morning Grace goes out riding with Judith, her friend. Unfortunately they are in an accident. Judith and her horse die in this accident but Grace and her horse Pilgrim survive. Grace her right leg is amputated above the knee and Pilgrim is badly mutilated and traumatised. Annie, Grace’s mother, doesn’t allow putting Pilgrim down because she fears if Pilgrim dies something inside Grace will die too. She reads about a man in Montana, a horse whisperer, who is said to be able to heal troubled horses. She takes Grace and Pilgrim with her on her search for this man. When she finally arrives at the ranch of Tom Booker he doesn’t want to help her at first but later he decides to help her after all. It takes quite some time to heal Pilgrim and while he heals so does Grace. Grace also learns to walk with a prosthetic and she takes up riding again. In the meanwhile Tom and Annie fall in love, but Annie is married to Robert, Graces father. When Grace finds out about the affair Tom and her mother are having, late in the evening she takes Pilgrim and rides out into the mountains. The next morning when they find out Grace is missing Tom rides out, together with his brother Frank, to find her. Together they find Grace but she is in trouble. While saving Grace Tom dies. In the end Annie got a second child, called Matthew. Matthew’s father isn’t known.


Grace Maclean: the person the story is about. Before the accident she was a very nice girl, but afterwards she secluded herself of the others, she wasn’t happy with herself any more. But after a while she learned to accept herself the way she’ll be the rest of her life: with only one leg.

Annie Maclean: Grace’s mom. She was a real businesswoman before the accident. But in Montana, her attention for her job was lowering and after a while, when she noticed her boss wanted to sack her, she quitted her job.

Tom Booker: Is a man who enjoyed living. He knew what he was doing all the time, he never did anything without a reason. He understood what horses needed and could look into the soul of a horse by looking in his eyes and watching his behaviour in group.

Other characters:

Robert Maclean: Grace's father.

The Booker family: Frank, Diana, and the kids: Joe Scott and Craig

Judith: Grace's friend.

Gulliver: Judith’s horse.

Mrs. Dyer: owner of the stables.


The message of the book is something like 'when you do it because you love someone, there's a way'. That's how I see it. In almost every person in the book the message returns. For example, Annie goes to Montana with Grace, because she wants her to be happy again. So she wants it because she loves Grace. And finally the relation between them works out well again.

My opinion of the story:

The story is written very good!! It’s much better then the movie and the book in Dutch. When you really want to read a good book, you should read this book. It’s written in a way, I never read before. I want to recommend this book to all of you.

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