Boekverslag : John Grisham - The Pelican Brief
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 619 woorden.


Two Supreme Court justices, Abraham Rosenberg and Glenn Jensen, were assassinated one night in Washington. Darby Shaw, a law student at Tulane decided to play detective and try to figure out who the killer or killers were. She prepared a legal brief, which later became known as the pelican brief, on her belief of the story after 4 days of thorough research on the justices, their backgrounds, and anything else that might be linked to the killings. Unfortunately, her guess was right on the mark. The brief was passed along to Washington and finally reached the President. Unfortunately, knowledge of the brief was leaked to Darby’s suspect. A search party was sent out to kill her. She witnessed the murder of her professor and lover Thomas Callahan when his car, which she was supposed to be in, blew up as he drove out of a parking lot in New Orleans. After that she began to flee across the country, fearing for her life. She made her way up to New York via O’ Hare Airport in Chicago and got in touch with a nosy reporter for The Washington Post by the name of Gray Grantham. She had to get the word out about the men following her to the public somehow. But Grantham needed another source that confirmed the pelican brief before he would publish her story. Later, he received a key from his source’s widow to a safe-deposit box. The safe contained an affidavit, a copy of a conspiring memo, and a video with a testimony of what he knew about the conspiracy to kill the Supreme Court justices in order to make way for a more favorable jury. Grantham’s source, Curtis Morgan, was an associate lawyer for the White & Blazevich law firm in D.C. The man who planned the killings, Victor Mattiece, was an important client to the firm. The Supreme Court’s decision to rule over his court case, which would relieve him of his multi-million dollar fortune, was pending and he wanted a more favorable bench during the trial. In an effort to save his fortune, he hired a hit man to terminate the justices. He and all that were involved were indicted when Grantham used Morgan as a source to confirm the pelican brief and ran his article in the Post for the rest of the world to see.


Be careful whom you put your trust in. When Darby was running, she had to decide whom to trust with her life and her valuable information. At one point, she had had several talks with a FBI lawyer, Gavin Verheek and arranged a meeting with him in a shopping center. She met with him and as she walked him onto a riverboat, a FBI agent came up behind them and shot the man. It was not Gavin Verheek, it was the infamous and internationally hunted, professional hit man, Khamel. It was mentioned to her before the Gavin came from a Dutch background, but when Khamel started cursing in egyptian when he got shot, it kind of gave away his identity. Darby finally made a wise choice when she confided in Gray Grantham. She was still very careful, she kept him out of trouble. Even though she was an amateur, she had managed to figure out how to stay out of the reach of the “bad guys” and always told Grantham exactly what moves to make when they finally decided to rendezvous. Even then, Gray had to trust that she knew what she was doing, and he didn’t question her judgment.

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