Boekverslag : Frederik Forsyth - The Odessa File
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 436 woorden.

The title is ‘The Odessa File’ .

2. Genre
It is a historical novel, with as main them the second World War.

3. Theme
The theme is actually a question: are there still former SS-men who comitted warcrimes among us? Naturally, the question is now less relevant than in the early sixties, where the novel takes place, but nevertheless an intriging and frightening question.

4. Setting
Germany, 1963/64. The main character travels all of Germany upside-down to find answers. Meanwhile there are jumps to England, and Israel & Egypt take an important stand in the events.

5. Characters
The main character is Peter Miller, a German journalist who runs into a diary, left by an old Jewish man, Tauber, who survived the horrors of the concentration camp Riga. He wrote all his experiences there down in this diary, especially the acts of the campcommander at the time, named Eduard Roschmann, who is due to be still alive and unjudged for his acts during WW2. Tauber’s last wish, to see Roschmann convicted, is never to be fulfilled, he thinks, and that’’s pretty much the reason why he commits suicide.

Then there are some other (more or less) important characters, like the head of Odessa (an organisation who protects and concists of former SS-men) who the reader meets as the Werwolf.
These are the most important characters.

6. Events
As described above, Tauber’s diary falls into Millers hands. He obliges himself to fulfill the man’s last wish and tries to track down Roschmann, wich is, not a very easy task. But Miller is persistent and finds succeces in time. But his progress is monitored. Trough a contact person the notorious Werwolf is informed of Miller ’s search for Roschmann, and sends out someone to make Miller stop his search. The nature of the Werwolf’s attention is explainable due to a plan the head of the former-SS, seated in Argentinia, to commit a war against Israel. The key person in this is a man who can get his hands on some computerchips for guiding missiles. Missiles, placed in Egypt an almost ready to be launched, with the only thing missing these chips. The key person has the codename Vulkan, but is also known as…Eduard Roschmann!

7. Point of View
The novel is written by an all-knowing storyteller. All the thougts of the characters are told.

8. The End?
Short said, Miller finally, with danger for his own life, finds Roschmann and prevents a possible Third World War between Israel and Egypt.

9. Own opinion.
I found the book as well as shocking very thrilling and fascinating to read. The terrible thought that SS-officers are still alive and free is as shocking as possible.

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