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1. Author: Charles Dickens Titles of some other works by the same author: Nicholas Nickleby, A Christmas Carol, Hard Times, David Copperfield, and more.

2. Title: Oliver Twist; Explain the Title: The book tells the life story of Oliver Twist.

3. Date of publication: 1981

4. Edition: Longman edition First published:1837

5. Genre: novel of ideas

6. Themes: Charles Dickens writes in this novel about the social problems at that time in England.

7. List of main characters and description of them: Oliver Twist: Orphan, with unknown parents. Mr. Bumble : The parish beadle, he decides everything about Oliver. Fagin : An old Jew who is the leader of the thieves, he gets the stolen goods. Mr Brownlow.:The first person who is protecting Oliver. He gives Oliver a good home and the possibility to learn and study, but than Oliver is kidnapped. Nancy : This girl is one of the members of the gang, but she helps Oliver, at the cost of her own life. Barney,Charley Bates, Bill Sikes,Tom Chitling,Toby Crackit,John Dawkins,Bet : All Thieves in the gang of Fagin Monks (Edward Leeford):Oliver's halfbrother, e wants to make a thieve of Oliver, because he then gets the full heritage. Family Maylie: A very good family. They find out what Oliver's parents are. Oliver came in contact with this family because he had to break into their house.

8. Narrative Technique: The story is told by Charles Dickens who knows everything what has happened in Oliver's live.

9. a) Time lapse: The whole child years of Oliver are passing. b) In what period is the story situated? The story is situated in the 19th century.

10. Style: Easy readable, descriptive English.

11. Stray notes: none

12. What is your own opinion of the work? I have read it with much pleasure, you have to continue reading, because you must know what will happen next with Oliver.

13. Short summary. Oliver is very bad treated during his child years. He has to work hard and gets almost nothing to eat. When he asks for more the parish authorities decide that Oliver shall be 'sold' to the Undertaker Sowerberry whom who can feed him and learn him a job. From there he walks away to London and comes in the world of thieves. When he finally meets a friendly person (Mr. Brownlow) he is kidnapped by the thieves. Finally he finds a good home and it is found out who his parents were and heritages a sum of money._ NAAM!!!!!!! 16-Jan-1990, 6-III Charles Dickens Oliver Twist Oliver is born in a workhouse, a few minutes after he is born his mother dies. After much suffering he is 'sold' to the undertaker Sowerberry. He runs away after a fight with Noach, a charity boy who helps the undertaker. He under his way to London he meets John Dawkins. Dawkins brings him to Fagin, an old Jew and leader of a gang. Fagin tries to make Oliver pick pockets. When he goes out with two thieves to pick pockets, he then realizes that they are thieves. When the two other stole a pocket he is accused of it, but proved unguilty. He comes under protection of Mr Brownlow. When Oliver brings some books away for Mr Brownlow he is kidnapped by the gang, this because they think he can reveal their secrets and because Fagin is offered a reward by Monks if he can make a thieve of Oliver. Oliver is now forced to join Bill Sikes in an attempt to burgle the house where Mrs. Maylie and Rose live. He is wounded in the arm and is kindly treated by Mrs Maylie. Nancy(one of the thieves) learns something of Monk's dealing with Fagin and at great risk to herself, reveals to Rose that Monks knows the secret of Oliver's identity. Nancy also tells Mr Brownlow that there is a special connection between Rose and Oliver. Mr Brownlow finds Monks, after another meeting with Nancy, and wrings from him a partial confession In the meantime, Fagin learns of Nancy's action. This he heard from Noach who has come to London and is adopted in the gang of Fagin. Nancy is murdered by Sikes. Sikes runs away and when he goes back to London there is a whole crowd looking for him, he escapes but accidentally hangs himself. Fagin and the rest of the gang are arrested and Fagin is hanged. Monks now makes a full confession: Oliver is his half brother and he has sought his downfall to prevent him from inheriting his due share of their father's property. Rose is the sister of the unfortunate girl whom Oliver's and Monks's father fell in love, but whom he was prevented from marrying because he was legally tied to the dreadful woman(Monks mother) with whom, for social reasons and economic reasons, he had been forced into marriage at a very early age. Oliver is the illegitimate child of Monks's father and Roses's sister. Monks emigrates and dies in prison. Mr Bumble and his wife and their days as paupers in the workhouse they once ruled. Rose marries Harry Maylie (Rosa now wants to marie Harry because she now also knows her parents). Oliver is adopted by Mr Brownlow as his son. Mr Brownlow moves next to the Maylies, and they form together a little society with great happiness.

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