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Thomas Anderson is a program writer for a software company, but at night he is the computerhacker Neo. On a day he gets a message on his computer that says: follow the white rabbit. With the help of this message he meets Trinnity. She tells him that she knows a lot about him, even the question where he is looking the answer for: What is the matrix? Then he wakes up and hurries to his work where Morpheus calls him wants to help him by phone to escape from the agents who are looking for him. But Neo can’t escape so the agents get him and they interrogate him. Next morning he wakes up and it was like it has all been a dream. Then Morpheus calls Neo and asks him to meet, Neo insists. Morpheus offers a blue and a red pill, Neo has to chose. When he chooses the blue pill he will wake up and remember nothing, when he chooses the red pill they will show him the truth and tell him what the matrix is. Neo chooses the red pill, Morpheus an his team are now unplugging Neo from the matrix. After Neo did rest a few days he wakes up at Morpheus his ship. With the help of a constructionprogram Morpheus tells him what the matrix is: “The Matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep people under control, because the machines need the humans as a source of energy to keep themselves alive. This program makes the people prisoner of there own mind and is guarded by agents. If we ever want to free all people from the matrix we will have to fight these agents because they have the keys, but everyone who tried this before died.” At the first moment Neo can’t believe all this and he throws it up. When Neo feels better Morpheus tells him that he and his team (Morpheus, Trinnity, Cypher, Tank, Dozer, Mouse, Apoc and Switch) are hacking into the matrix from this ship and he also tells that he believes that Neo is ’The One’. Tank learns Neo a lot of things by loading programs like combattraining into his brain, Neo has to train a lot… Morpheus is helping Neo to free his mind, he has got to learn that the matrix is just like a computerprogram, there are rules you can bent ore you can brake. In this world with rules the agents can even dodge bullets, “but”, says Morpheus, “when you are ready, you even won’t have to”. When everyone is asleep Cypher has a dinner with agent Smith and he has an agreement: he gives them Morpheus, who knows the accescodes of the last human city Zion and they will give him his normal life in the matrix back. Morpheus decides to bring Neo to the Oracle and they log into the matrix, but she has bad news for him, he will have to make a choice: In the one hand he has got Morpheus’ life and in the other hand he has got his own life. When they want to go back to the real world, they are trapped and the agents get what they want: Morpheus. Cypher is back on the ship and wants to kill everybody except Morpheus who’s brain the agents are hacking, but then miraculously Tank gets up and kills Cypher so he can save Trinnity and Neo. When they are out of the matrix Neo wants to go back to save Morpheus because he feels something he can’t explain. Trinnity goes with him. With a lot of shooting they get through the guards up to the rooftop where they take a helicopter and fly in front to the window where Morpheus is prisoned. Then they start shooting, Morpheus frees himself and they escape with the helicopter. Morpheus and Trinnity are already back in the real world when an agent comes to fight Neo. Neo wins the fight but the agent comes immediately back so Neo chooses to run away. At the same time on the hovercraft in the real world, sentinels are coming to attack the ship. Neo steels a phone and asks Tank to help him out of the matrix. But when he comes at the phone an agent stands there and kills him. The agents think he is death. At the same time the sentinels are getting into the ship so there isn’t a lot of time left. Miraculously Neo stands up, everybody knows it: He is the one. He is able to rewrite the matrix and beat the agents. After that he is just in time to take up the phone and get back to the ship, so Morpheus can activate the EMP, to beat the sentinels. This is the end of the story but you can see that there has to be a sequel, because the story isn’t ended yet.

Time and Space

In the movie you’ve got two different worlds with both a different time. One of these worlds is the matrix, this is the world like we know him. You’re plugged into the matrix from your birth, so your mind lives in that world, in 1999. The other world is the real world, this is the world where your body lives in. Which year it is they don’t know exactly, but it has to be close to 2199. Because the human being destroyed the sky ,the sun couldn’t give the energy the machines needed anymore. So the machines made peoples their slaves so they could deliver them the energy they needed. To keep the peoples under control they made a dreamworld for them, this world is the matrix. There isn’t much more to say about the time because days ore hours aren’t important in this film.

Two Characters


Neo is the leading man of the film. His real name is Thomas Anderson. He is a program writer for a respectable software company, he doesn’t like that job very much and he is regulary late at work. But at night he becomes a dangerous computerhacker called Neo, he steals computersecrets and sells them. Neo is searching already a long time for the answer on the question: What is the matrix? This question leads him to Morpheus, who will show him the truth. In the beginning he didn’t know it yet but he is ‘the one’, he will be able to fight the agents who protect the keys. That’s why Morpheus was looking for him.


Morpheus is the leader of the team, and the hovercraft where they are hacking into the matrix from is his ship. He is already searching his entire life for ‘the one’. But his search ends when he finds Neo. Morpheus helps Neo to free his mind and he even wants to sacrifise his own life to save Neo. Morpheus is the only-one who knows the accescodes for the last human city, Zion. That’s why the agents want to have Morpheus as their prisoner so they can hack into his brain and retrieve the accescodes.

My Opinion

This movie has everything to make it into a good one. It has a great story, the best special effects I’ve ever seen and very good action. Every single detail of the film is good. I’ve seen this film already before but every time you see him you discover a knew thing you didn’t saw the previous time. It’s quit a difficult film when you see him for the first time, because their are a lot of things happening ore being told in a short time, so you haven’t always seen ore heard everything. It is an action movie, but the difference with a ’normal’ action movie is the story. In some of them it is mostly a lot of action and not a good story, but The Matrix has both, a perfect story and also good action. That’s why The Matrix has been a success. The Matrix is one of the best film I’ve ever seen and one of my favorite movies.

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