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1: Roald Dahl.

2: The Witches.

3: It's all about witches, they're the main-characters of the book.

4: A.

5: The boy's name isn't given.

6: The boy is seven years old, and he's very clever for his age.


· His Granny is old and wiry.

· The Head-Witch seems a nice lady ( she looks like an ordinary ladies ), but when she's taking her mask off, she's a real b*tch. They're calling her in this story, The Head-Witch.

· Bruno is a fat boy, who is always eating. He's with his parents on vacation. He's a hotel-friend of the seven year old boy.


An English boy is going with his parents on holiday to his Granny in Norway. They have a car accident and his parents die. The boy is going to live with his Granny.

His father wrote in his testament that he wants that his sun grows up in England.

So the boy and his Granny are going to England.

His Granny knows a lot about witches ( she reads a lot about it, and she saw in the past real witches ) and she tells the boy every day a story about witches or about how you could identify them. Because witches want to exterminate children with their magical power, the boy has contact with a witch. Thank goodness, that ends good.

The boy and his Granny wanted to go on holiday to Norway. That doesn't go, because his Granny has pneumonia. She smokes TOO many cigars. Now they have to go to a quiet hotel at the English coast.

For consolation, the boy gets two mice. He's going to train them in the hotel. The director of the hotel doesn't want two mice in his hotel, so the boy is looking for a quiet place, to hide his two mice. He finds a beautiful place behind a screen, in a big meeting-room. After a couple of minutes there are all ladies coming inside the meeting-room. Suddenly the boy sees that the ladies fulfil the "witches signals" from his Granny.

It is a meeting for all the English witches with the Head-Witch. The boy is hearing everything about a new kind of poison, that changes all kids in mice. He sees too, that an hotel-friend ( called Bruno ) coming up the dais for experimental rabbit. And yes, Bruno is changes in a mouse.

The hero of the book thinks he's safe for the witches, till he's remembering that witches could smell children very very good.

And there you see: One of the witches is screaming that she's smelling another child, and before the boy knows he's a mouse too…..

He and Bruno, have got just normally voices and they are including that, they have to go to Granny. Because of a trick the boy gets a bottle of poison and is putting it in the soup that the witches are getting in the hotel restaurant. With help of mice-traps all the witches died.


8B: The little boy stays a mouse, and is going with his Granny to her house. There comes a "good-witch"; the women-secretary from the Head-Witch and she makes a normal boy from him again.

9: Chronologically.

10: That the boy changed in a mouse and that he destroyed all the witches.

11: I felt sympathy for the boy; he's clever and brave. I dislike Bruno, but I don't know why.

12: A.

13: It's a bit exciting and funny. If you begin to read this book you can't stop.
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