Boekverslag : Scott Fritzgerald - The Great Gatsby
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1051 woorden.

The story takes mostly place in small town west end were Nick lives, but he often goes to Chicago of New York to friend of him of Mr Gatsby. Mr Gatsby gives party’s very often so the story takes also place in his house and his garden.

I think the story is rather realistic because everything what happens in that story can happen to me. When you come to live in a new town you are a little shy and try to meet various people.

The most important person in the story is Nick, he had just moved to the west and tried to become a good businessman and he tries to contact new friends and that works out very well or him, he goes a lot to his new neighbour Mr Jay Gatsby who knows a lot of people and so Nick contacts a lot other new friend. Another man Tom who is married to his niece Daisy. There he also spends a lot of time, and he meets a nice girl Jordan Baker.

Summary of the story:

Nick used to live in the east, but when the war was over he decided to move to the west to a very small town named: West end. He tried to settle down there and become a business man down in New York. In the neighbourhood lives also some family of Nick. There lives his niece Daisy

and her husband Tom. When he got there he saw an other woman who looked very nice and also was very nice. Her name was Jordan Baker. Because Nick was new in the neighbourhood Daisy asked him to come over more often so that he had a place to go. Nick appeared to live next door to Mr Gatsby who was sort of a friend of Jordan they had dinner together and after that Nick returned Back to his house The next day Tom invited him to go with him to pick up a girl in New York and go to his second apartment, there he gave a little party for some friends and so Nick met some more people. After a few drink everyone went home and he spoke to a lot of people and everyone knew Mr Gatsby, but he thought he was a rather strange man. They next Saturday he went to a party of Mr Gatsby together with Jordan and Daisy. There he met some people of the other party. He actually met Mr Gatsby for the first time but nobody really knew why he gave this party’s and who he was. Nick spent most of the time with Jordan and Daisy and he had a great time, one thing was sure he began to love new York. The next Sunday Mr Gatsby came out of his garage with his fancy car. When he saw Nick he asked him for lunch and Nick joined him. In the car Jay Gatsby becan to talk about his life, he told him that he had no family, because when he was very jong he lost all of them and he got a lot of heritages and now he is very rich. He studied at Oxford university and after school he went into war, were he became a Major. After the wart he began top live in every big town wich existed(Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, Nice, Venice and a lot of other cities) when they arrived at the restaurant they met a very rich Jew and they had lunch together. Mr Gatsby asked Nick to ask daisy for tea at Nicks house because he wanted to see her. That evening he suddenly saw Jordan and they talked a lot but suddenly they kissed together!! Mr gatsby knew daisy from before the war and he was rather nervous that day she should come for tea. When they saw each other they were both very embarrassed and very shy but that went away and they had a marvellous time and the talked a lot about everything. Suddenly Mr Gatsby wanted to show them his house, he had a rather big house and he had a gardener and a help in his house and there were also other people there, but he had a lot of money. The newt two weeks he didn’t see Jay(Mr Gatsby) much because he spent most of him time with Jordan Baker. The next Saturday there was another party of Mr gatsby and this time was also a marvellous party with now more celebrities. It seemed that Jay liked daisy very much. Jay and Nick were invited to Daisy’s house for lunch together with her and Tom. They had lunch and afterwards they drank something. Then Daisy proposed to go to New york and see an movie or something.

In New York Mr Gatsby and Tom had a small argument and nick who had Discovered that Tom had an affair with another woman(Mrs Wilson) kept quiet. Daisy who joined the argument made it all worse and there was a rather big fight. Then it became clear that Daisy loved Jay instead of Tom when they went home daisy hit someone on the road but she drove further. When Tom and Nick passed by the same road a few minutes later there were a lot of people on the road all watching to the dead woman, who appeared to be Mrs Wilson.

Everyone was rather confused and blamed each other for several things and made some arguments. Tom told Mr Wilson that Jay had murdered his wife and he got so mad that he walked to Jay’s house and murdered him. And the gardener discovered the body. His dead came in several papers and caused a lot of confusion in the neighbourhood. Nick took the responsibility for the funeral and invited a lot of people from the last party and most of them came to the funeral. Nick changed his friends and didn’t speak to them anymore. But one day he saw all Tom again and he confessed that he gave the order to Wilson to kill Jay

I think the title is well chosen because Mr Gatsby is a very important person in the story, he is also rather great because he had a lot of money and had a lot of friends. So he was considered as great.
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