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De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 460 woorden.


Once upon a time there was a little witch who lived in a very small house in the woods. On a dark night during winter she suddenly heard a mysterious noise, it was raining and there were flashes of lightening all night. She thought there was something strange outside, some bushes moved and a yellow little Chinese abruptly jumped out. Now everything was clear : she realised that she lived in the land of the rising sun. So in this country everybody was yellow, including herself, one moment she was shocked. She wondered why she had never noticed this before. She found out that she was nearly blind, but she could ‘see’ because she was clairvoyant. Now she was shocked even more. She wanted to think about something else, so she flew to a friend on her broom, but she hit a tree. There was no problem because she flew on and the tree fell onto the ground. Then she started walking ‘cause her broom broke down. After half an hour she came to her friend’s house, she knocked on the door, but nobody opened. So she started to try to crush the door, but it didn’t work and the witch called for help, she was lucky that the Power Rangers were near and that they heard her. The witch explained the whole situation and the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers couldn’t think of anything better than building a ladder. The witch shouted : ‘You pathetic losers, even I could have thought of something as ridiculous as that’. The Power Rangers thought they were offended and they started shooting at the poor blind woman. They were so stupid and clumsy that the yellow ranger shot the red one and the blue one blew the pink pansies head off, eventually there was only one ranger left who shot on the door by which this door opened. The witch who wasn’t harmed at all kicked the remaining Power Loser between the legs and he started to scream very high. Then she went into the house, the ranger followed her, screaming like a woman : ‘You’ve castrated me, you ugly yellow rice-stuffing bitch’. The witch answered : ‘You racist wimp, do you feel the way you hate or do you hate the way you feel ?’ By these wise words the jerk started thinking about his life and he found out he was a living contradiction and he commited suicide by smashing his own head onto the wall of the house. The witch started spitting and puking on this bastard’s rotting corpse. She dragged his very dead body by his bowels deep into the woods so the wolves could feed on it. On her way home the witch was eaten by radioactive dwarves.
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