Boekverslag : Mark Twain. - The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1941 woorden.

Title : The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Author : Mark Twain.

Publisher : Heinemann Educatonal Publishers.

Number of pages : 312.

Mention the year of first publication and explain the title.

The year in which the book was first published was 1884. Huckleberry Finn is the main character in this book. Through this book we can follow him and see which adventures he experienced.

What part or fragment appealed to you most? Explain why?

The parts, which appealed to me most, are chapter 6 and 7 in which Huckleberry Finn is in Pa's cabin, because in this part Pa does everything to control Huck including locking him up and beating him. Despite of this Huck is glad to be with Pa, because with him he doesn't have to behave civilized. After Pa threatened to kill him he started making plans to run away. He made a canoe and left for Jackson Island. This part appealed to me most, because I think that this part of the book is where the story really began: "the adventures of Huckleberry Finn".

Which part did you find worst or least interesting? Explain why.

The part where Huck was found by Tom after he ran away from Widow Douglas and Miss Watson. Tom promised him to start a band of robbers and they had make-belief battles, which were very boring. I think that this part was boring to read, because I didn't enjoy reading the make-belief battles.

If you could choose, what person from this story would you like to be? Why?

I would like to be Huckleberry Finn, because he has a very exciting life in which lots of things happen.

Name one character from the book, whom you hated, or could hate. Explain.

The Duke, because he betrayed Huck's trust by lying to him and selling Jim into slavery.

In what period is the story set? (If you don't know the exact dates, mention the period as follows: 1600-1650; 1950-2000, etc.) Does it really matter to know in what period the story takes place? Why is that?

1875-1910. Yes, it matters, because there was still slavery in that period. In a later period there were no slaves in Mississippi anymore.

Explain why you were or were not satisfied with the ending of the book.

I was satisfied with the end of the book, because it has quite a good ending; Huck meeting Tom, then they meet Aunt Sally. Aunt Polly revealing their true identity and setting Jim free. The only thing I wasn't quite satisfied with was that Aunt Sally was willing to adopt Huck and civilize him and he refused that, but then again, it's an end of which you can think there will be a sequence novel..

Compare the main character(s) from the beginning of the story with the same persons at the end of it. Has he/she changed? Has he/she achieved or learned something? Explain.

In the beginning Huck seems very set in the south's anti-black ways, but he states that he will do anything to keep his friend Jim out of slavery. Then it looks like he changes, but at the end of the book Huck plays another practical joke on Jim and it looks like the changes were only temporary. Huck achieved to set Jim free after he was taken as slave. He might have learned not to trust everybody (Duke + Dauphin), but I am not sure about that.

What would you call a story like this? You can choose more than one name.

I would call a story like this an adventure story.

Is there a turning point in the story, a point after which the story takes a different course? Describe.

You might say that this book has 2 turning points. Point one is when Huck leaves the 'civilized world' and is taken to live with his father. Point two is at the end when Aunt Sally adopts him and in order of that he is taken back to the 'civilized world'.

How much time has passed between the beginning and the end of the story. Describe.

I think that the amount of time being passed between the beginning and the end of the story is about one year, but I am not sure about that.

Has the writer tried to make a point or statement with this story, or has he tried to make something clear. In other words what is the theme? Explain.

According to the author, 'I shouldn't attempt to find a motive, moral and/or plot in this narrative', but I did. I think that the theme in this book is the human values, the contrast between freedom and lack of freedom and the difference between clever- and naive people.

Who actually tells the story? In other words: what is the narrative perspective? Do you see what is happening from the point of view of the main character, of one of the other characters, or the writer? Explain.

Huckleberry Finn is the narrator of this book, because he talks with I, happened to me etc. You can also conclude this from the beginning of the book: "You don't know about me, without you have read a book by the name of 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, but that ain't no matter', page 1

Where is the story set? Does it really matter where the story takes place? In other words: Why is the setting important or why does the setting not really matter? (country, town, district, building, indoors/outdoors etc.)

The story is mostly set outdoors in towns, countryside, on an island and on the rivers. I think that the setting in this book is quite important, because most of Huck's adventures couldn't have happened indoors.

Would you recommend this book to your classmates or not? Explain why?

I would recommend the book, because it reflects some of the basic human instincts, hopes, fears and desires. It's about what grown ups can't longer afford to do, because they are afraid that the neighbours, their boss or the local vicar would find it out. The book is about real people, who do the things they really want to do, say the things they really want to say and speak the kind of language they want to speak, resulting that people can recognise themselves or at least a part of themselves in this book.

If you had to give a mark for this book, what would that be?

I would give this book a seven.

Make a brief summary of the most important events in the story (Minimum is 1x A4).

Aunt Douglas who is a widow tries to raise Huckleberry Finn, by making him, more civilized. In order to be civilized he isn't allowed to smoke or swear and he learns how to read and write. He is dissatisfied with his new life and decides to run away. Tom Sawyer manages to bring him back, by promising to start a band of robbers. During their adventures, Huck and Tom find a box of gold. Soon after Huck sees footprints in the snow, which he recognises as his fathers and he realised that Pa has returned to claim his money, he quickly runs to judge Tatcher and sells his share of money for a consideration of a dollar. Pa catches Huck and makes him hand over the dollar and threatens to beat Huck if he ever goes back to school again. He was forced to live with his father, who is a drunkard and has never really loved him. His father made a habbage of locking Huck up in the cabin. It is not until his father threatens to kill him that he makes plans to escape. After Huck made the impression that he was killed by leaving bloodstains he fled to Jackson's Island in the Mississippi.

On the island he meets Jim, who is Miss Watson's slave. He ran away because she sold him and now he has to work on a plantation. Huck promises not to betray him and that he will go through hell to keep Jim out of slavery. Some days later Huck, disguised as a girl, rows to the mainland, in order to gather some news. While talking with a woman, he learns that both Jim and his father are suspected for his murder. The woman tells Huck that she thinks Jim is hiding out on Jackson Island. When Huck hears that, he immediately returns to Jim and together they leave the island in their own-made raft. The weather has turned bad and Huck convinces Jim to climb on board of a crashed steamboat. When they found out that two robbers on board tried to kill the third one, they leave the boat again. Huck and Jim continue to flow downstream, becoming close friends. Their goal is to reach Ohio, where slavery has been abolished and where Jim can be free and save. At a certain point Jim and Huck lose each other. Huck lives with the Grangerford family for a while. They seem to be friendly and civilized people, but it turns out that they have a big feud with the family Shepherdsons. Huck is just able to escape, before he got victim of the feud as well. Here we can see again that Huck beliefs in humanity is shattered, because every time he thinks that he has met decent people, they turn out to lie, steal and kill. He started to admire Jim, because he is honest, caring and faithful. Jim and Huck meet again and they continue their travel on a raft. They meet two frauds, the "Duke of Bridgewater" and the "Dauphin son of Louis XVII of France", which from now on travel with them. The frauds steal money from people by getting money for their performances and stealing the inheritance of Peter Wilks. They told Wilk's daughters that they are the brothers of their dead father. They sell the slaves of the daughters and try to sell their house. When Huck and Jim want to reveal the true identities of the criminals, the real brothers turn up. Huck and Jim are glad to be freed of the criminals, but the Duke and the King escape and join them again. They betray Jim and sell him to Mrs Sally Phelps, who is Tom Sawyer's aunt. Huck decides to rescue Jim and he goes to Mrs Phelps and pretends that he is Tom. When Tom arrives he pretends that he is the younger brother Sid Sawyer. Together he and Huck make a plan how to help Jim escape from his prison, which is an outdoor shed. The preparations take them about three weeks and while they prepare, Tom manages to make Jim's live difficult by putting snakes and spiders into the room with him. When they put the plan into operation everything goes wrong. Tom is shot in the leg and Jim is recaptured. At this point Aunt Polly appears, having travelled all the way down the river, because she realised that something was wrong when her sister wrote to her that both Tom as Sid had arrived. Aunt Polly reveals the boys their identities and then tells them that Jim is indeed a free man, because the widow passed away and freed him in her will. Tom gives Jim forty dollars for being such a good prisoner and then they freed him. Jim then tells Huck to stop worrying about his Pa. He reveals to Huck that the dead man on the floating house was in fact his dad. Aunt Sally then offers to adopt Huck, but he refuses and decides to light out for the territory ahead of the rest.

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