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1a title: Pied Piper

author: Nevil Shute

publisher: Meulenhoff Educatief

edition: eerste druk, 4e oplage

number of pages: 226

b explain the title: The title refers to the main character, Howard, because he looks pied at the end of the story and piper because he makes whistles for the children.

2 There is no subtitle or motto

3 Nevil Shute Norway was born in 1899 and died in 1960. He got his writing talent from his parents. His first novel was "So Disdained" in 1926. He was married and had a wife and two daughters.

4 A 70 years old Englishman tries to get back from France to England when the Germans invade France. He takes two children with him. On his journey this number grows to 6. A young French girl accompanies him at the last part of the journey. At the end he is captured by the Germans. They let him go to England if he promises to take a German child and he accepts.



5a The story plays short before and in the Second World War.

Quotation: "He left London on the morning of April the 10th, the very morning that the news came through that Germany had invaded Denmark and Norway." (p.17 l.8-10)

b There expires about 3 to 4 months.

c The time passes with flashbacks.


6 The story plays in France and England.

Quotation: "Howard settled down at Cidoton quite confortably." (p.21 l.2)

7 Main characters:

Howard: He is seventy years old. His wife died already. He has a daughter living in America and a son in the RAF. He dies in the war. He goes to France to find rest when he hears that news. He brings the children safely to England and sends them to his daughter in America. He is good in making wooden whistles. He is a member of a club in London. He is a very helpful man.

Flat characters:

Nicole: French girl. She is a friend of Howard. She was in love with his son. She helps him and accompanies him on the last part of his journey. She is very good with children.

The children: Their names are Ronnie, Sheila, Pierre, Rose, Willem, Marjan en Anna.

Ronnie and Sheila are English Children living in Switzerland. Rose and Pierre are French. Willem is Dutch. Marjan is a Polish Jew. Anna is a German girl.

8 Theme:


9 Narrator: It is written in a sort of I perspective.

10 I liked the book. I also liked the theme. The scene was described very well. It was fun to read a war story about an old man and children. It was easy to read.

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