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Nineteen eighty-four (1984) by George Orwell (Eric Blair)

1)Explain the meaning of the title (if the meaning of the title is to obvious, create a new title and explain why that one would be appropriate.)

2)Identify the protagonists (main character). List 3 physical characteristics. Identify 3 personality traits and provide an example from the story to support each personality trait.

3)Did you expect to end the way it did ? Explain ! Are you satisfied with it ?


That is very simple. The title is "1984" and that's the year when the story took place.

Another title that would be appropriate is "Winston Smith's rebellion", because that's what the story is about. He is against the system in his country.


The main character is Winston Smith. (maybe referred to Winston Chruchil ?)

- Personal traits:

- Winston was (and still is maybe) very egoistic:

Winston was born before the Second World War. In the War, there was a lack of food, and Winston has taken nearly all of the food that was allocated to the family, although his younger sister was starving to death. In 1984 Winston often dreams of this time, and he often remembers how he has stolen the whole chocolate, that was one day given to the family.

He also sees a kind of link between his behaviour, and the behaviour of the children that are educated by the Party. These children prosecute their own family (they are called the Parsons).

- I think he is some kind of naive:

For example, he knew it from the beginning that his diary would be found. And as one can see the things that are written in this book (that freedom is to say that two and two makes four) are later used against him. He also knew that his illegal love affair, that was an act of revolution, would be disclosed by the Thought Police.

- He is brave because he reacts against the Party.

- Physical characteristics:

- He is a normal man in his late thirties. He is about 39 years OLD.

- He has a varicose ulcer above his right ankle.

- We do not get to know more about his external.

(3) THE END:

Winston get arrested and thrown in jail. There he is tortured by O'Brien. (O'Brien's job is to brainwash people to love their leader and hate Emmanuel Goldstein.)

After Winston gets beaten up, he still hates Big Brother and he's pushed into 'room 101' where the worst torture takes place whit rats. Winston lives it and gets brainwashed. He gets free and meets Julia again. They feel sorry about betraying each other and they are not in love anymore. Winston now loves Big Brother.

I expected that they would find out what Winston was doing.

In fact I thought he would disappear like the others.

I'm satisfied with the way it ends.
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