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The book is an action novel about the IRA but the story is not only fillt with action, there is also a moral conflict between the characters Michael Dillon and Moira, his wife.


The title 'LIES OF SILENCE' refers to the way of thinking of many people in Northern Ireland. They always lissen to the IRA and they never stand up against them bacause they are affraid of them. By keeping this silence to protect theirselves from the IRA they are lying to theirselfs because they are against the violence that the IRA is using but they can't say it.


The main part of the story takes place in Belfast (Northern Ireland). The end of the story plays in London (England). The story takes place in the eighty's or ninety's of this century.


Michael Dillon has got an affair with Andrea Baxter, a nice girl who works for the BBC. Andrea is going to work in London, Michael has dicided to give up his job as an hotel mana-ger to go with her. After he has diceded to do this he goes home, he wants to tell his wife Moira about his deci-sion. That night a few IRA gunmen break in into his house. They force Dillon and Andrea to sit in the living room. Two IRA men watch them whole night, one of them called Kev lifts up his mask to smoke. Michael can see his face for a few seconds at that time.

Next morning an other IRA man comes into the room, he tells Dillon what they want him to do,they want him to place a bomb in the hotel he runs.Dillon has to drive to the hotel with a bomb in his car. he is not allowed to talk to anyone and if he doesn't do exactly what the IRA says They will kill his wife Moira.

When Dillon drives to the hotel he realizes that many inno-cent people will be killed or hurt because of him if he does what the IRA wants him to do. He also realizes that the IRA wants to kill the radical Protetant minister Pottinger who is going to give a speach today in the hotel.

After parking his car in the basement of the hotel Dillon goes to a shop across the street, he calls the police to warn them for what is going to happen. At the time the bomb explo-des the hotel is alreaddy empty and Moira is also still alive because the IRA went away early.

The IRA man called Kev is arested and Michael dicedes to testefy against him.

After all this Michael and Moira split up, Michael is going to stay with Andrea in London where he is working at an other hotel of the same chain.


Michael Dillon: The main character, you are with him all the time,you know what he is thinking. He has to chose be-tween his wife (Moira) and his girlfriend (Andrea). He also has to chose between the life of Moira and some very impotant guests of the hotel he runs. He doesn't chose his for wife but for the safety of the guests.


Moira: The wife of Dillon, she is almost always thinking about her beauty and about getting atention. She is saying whatever she wants to say. Andrea Baxter: The girfriend of Dillon, a beauty-full young well thinking person. She moves to London with Dillon at the end of the story to built up her car-rier.


The theme of the book is love and violence.


The author dicrebes in this book the facts and te thoughts of the main character Michael Dillon.


The story has been told from Michael Dillon's point of view. While you are reading the story you are often reading what is in his mind, what he is thinking.


The story exists out of ten chapters, it is told in chronological order and it contains no flashbacks.


I like the book, it's very realistic written and it is also exiting. While you are reading the book you get the feeling you are in the story by yourself, you can imagine how it looks in Belfast and what a mess it becomes when the bomb explodes.
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