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1a title: Animal Farm

author: George Orwell

publisher: Meulenhoff Educatief

edition: 9th edition

number of pages: 112

b explain the title: The title is the name of the farm the story is about.

2 There is no subtitle or motto.

3 about the author:

George Orwell was born in India as Eric Arthur Blair. His father was a civil servant. He was born in 1903 and moved to England in 1907. He went to the school of Eton. He died in 1950 in London. Some other novels of him are "1984" (1949) and "Burmese Days" (1934).

4 short summary:

The animals on Manor Farm don’t like the way they are threatened by the humans. Under the conduct of the pigs they make a revolution and they make the humans flee. Two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball then lead the animals. They write commandments on the wall of the barn and change the name to Animal Farm. First they ruled democratically, but later Napoleon seizes the power with the help of nine dogs he raised and makes Snowball flee. The pigs profit by the work of the other animals. They change the commandments in their own advantage and begin to look like humans more and more. They begin to trade with the humans, start drinking alcohol and walk on two legs. Finally the other animals see the pigs playing cards with the humans and discover that the pigs have the same intentions as the humans. Then it appears that the humans and the pigs are playing false and they start fighting. The other animals can’t see who is man and who is pig anymore.


5a time: About the time the book was written. (1945)

Quotation: It isn’t mentioned in the text.

b There expires about 8 years.

c The time passes with leaps and there are some flashbacks.

6 place: The story plays in England on Manor farm (Animal farm).

Quotation: "of the Manor Farm" (p.7 l.2)

"Beasts of England" (p.14 l.4)

7Main characters:

Napoleon: One of the pigs. He is one of the leaders of the revolution and is the dictator later. He isn’t a talker, but with a reputation for getting his own way.

Snowball: One of the pigs. He is one of the leaders of the revolution but he has to flee when Napoleon takes the power. He is more a talker than Napoleon and more inventive.

Minor characters:

Squealer: One of the pigs. He is a brilliant talker and represents the dictator Napoleon. He brings the messages to the other animals.

Mr. Jones: The owner of the farm.

Boxer: One of the horses. He is a very large horse and does a lot of work. He isn’t a very good thinker but believes strongly in the revolution.

8 theme: It is banter on the communism, Stalin and dictatorship.

9 narrator: It is written is the personal situation.

10 my own opinion: It was a nice book. I liked the theme and the way it is expressed in the story. I could identify the story with things in real life. The descriptions of the animals were very suitable. The book was easy to read.
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