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The book is a legal thriller; a triller without sex and violence.

The client

The client is a very good book. It is very interesting to read, and it isn’t boring in the beginning because it starts with action right away. While you’re reading it, it might get boring after a while, but you got to read through that. The author did a very good job on writing this book, because the setting, characters and theme are just right for this book, and therefore this book is no failure. The author of the book is John Grisham. The book contains 566 pages.

The characters in this book are very important. Especially the characters of Mark Sway, Reggie Love, Foltrigg and Barry are important because they are the main characters in the book. The characters are right for this book because, you can see the perspective from all the characters in the book. The book does not have just the story told from the eyes of one character (Mark), but also from other characters (Reggie, Foltrigg, Barry). This is very important because of the different perspectives you are able to understand the story better.The setting in the book is also important. The book takes place in only big cities where people are always rushing and not looking for each other. For Mark it seems is whole alone in the world, he has to be tough.

The theme tells you how difficult life can be. Like in this book: tell the police about a murder, change your complete lifestyle, always being afraid to be found by the mafia, or say nothing and live a save life. The theme is very important to the success of the book. If the theme was boring, you wouldn’t like to read the book at all. But this theme is not boring at all and that contributes to the success of the book.The plot takes a very important place in the book. Mark knows secret information about the hiding place of a body. He has to tell the police, but the mafia threatens to kill him if he tells the police. In the end he tells the police after all and he leaves for Phoenix with his family to build up a new life. This plot was kind of predictable (that he was going to tell), but in this story it was not about the end of the book but about the whole story and that made this plot a highly success for the book.

According to me this book was very good because of the setting, characters and theme in the book. They are about just right and that makes it such a good book.


The two most important characters are Mark Sway and Reggie Love.

Mark Sway is 11 years old. He lives in Memphis, on a trailer site. His father had mistreated him, he was an alcoholic. Mark was not the only one, once his father mistreated his wife with a baseball bat. The marriage between his parents was only misery.

He is interested in things about lawyers and justice and so on.

Reggy Love, 52 years old, is a lawyer specialized in children cases. Reggie Love is not her real name. Her old name is Regina. She was maried with a rich man, a doctor. They got divorced and he ruined her life. He had enough money to get her on therapy. After many years of sadness, she got back to a normal life and she changed her life.

Reggie is the lawyer of Mark Sway. She helps him with his very difficult mission and acts as a second mother. As they go on different ways at the ending, they mark up that they have formed a very close relation.

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