Boekverslag : Ted Greenwood - The Boy Who Saw God
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 771 woorden.


Woodoh, Carl and Peter were playing in the cypress of Crater Hill. Crater Hill is a park inhabited by Mr and Mrs Braithwaite. Mr Braithwaite is a big bald headed man. In Mr Braithwaite's front garden, the three kids suddenly saw Leo Farrell, a sity boy who had just moved into Manoora, a small country town, with his mother and Rick, the new boyfriend of his mother who hated Leo and treated Leo's mother badly. Leo was running after a sheep. Woodoh, Carl and Peter began to laugh at him. Suddenly Leo began to run in their direction. It was inpossible that Leo had seen them because they were in the top of the cypress. They decided to scare Leo by jumping out off the bushes. When Leo was close enough they jumped out, but Leo was not frightened. Woodoh asked why he was chasing a sheep. Leo said because god had asked him to and he ran away. Woodoh, Carl and Peter thought that he was nuts and climbed back into the cypress.

Leo lived above a shop and when he came near, he could hear Rick shouting at his mother. Leo tried to get past Rick unseen, but Rick caught him and Leo had to work into the shop. He had to bring in the newspapers and magazines. When he had finished, he took the binding ropes and went to his room.

It was Sunday morning and normally he would go to church with his mother, but not this time. Leo's mother was lying in bed, her face pinched by migraine. So Leo decided to go to Crater Hill in the afternoon. He took his rope, a knife and a box of matches and left. Leo tried to catch a sheep but he did not succeed. Suddenly the door of the house behind him went open and a big bald headed man began to run in his direction. Leo started to run to the cornfields. He fell into a crater of an old volcano. He had hurt himself with his knife. Leo waited until Mr Braithwait went back to his house. He climbed out of the crater and caught a sheep. Leo kiled it and burnt it.

The next day in school the principal announced that someone had killed a sheep from Mr Braithwaite. Woodoh, Carl and Peter thought that it was Leo who had killed it. The headmaster, Mr French, saw thad they suspected someone and he took them to his office. With a smart trick he made them speak. They told Mr French about Leo running after the sheep. Leo had to come to the headmaster's office. Leo was very catholic, he could not lie and told them about the sacrifice he had to make for god. Leo said that he had seen god and that god had pointed at the sheep and he thought that he had to make a sacrifice. The headmaster did not believe the story. He tried everything to make him say something else.

Leo's teacher, Anna Campieri, was the one who had to inform Leo's parents. When Rick received the bad news, he went mad. Leo was in his room making a diorama. He did not know his teacher had came to inform his parents. Suddenly the door went open and Rick came into the room. He began to yell at Leo and he smashed all the dioramas on to the floor. They were all broken. Leo ran away to Crater Hill. There was a big storm and Leo was hoping he would get hit by lightning, but the storm ended. Leo would not go back to the store as long as Rick was there. So Leo just ran away into the bushes. He had hurt himself again, but he did not care. In the distance ahead of him he could see the cemetery. When he arrived, he was totally exhausted and he fainted. An old man, Bill, found him and took him to a hospital. On his way he told strange stories about a ghost named Mrs Kinhaid.

When Leo woke up the next morning his mother and Bill were sitting at on his bed. His mother told him that Rick had left and that he could come home. Leo was afraid that the people of Manoora would talk about the sheep, but nobody mentioned it.


It wasn't difficult to read. I think that it is a good book, because it shows the problems a child could have when his parents are divorced or one of them dies and the problems a child has with the new partner of his mother or father.
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