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I will tell you about Michaël Schumacher. He's a formula I driver, and he's the best.

The first part will go about his life and career. The second part will deal with the Spanish Grand Prix.

Michaël was born on January the sixth 1969 in Western-Germany (in Hürth, near Cologne).

When he was four years old, he won his first circuit at the go-kart track. At the age of sixteen, he was runner-up in the Junior-World Championships, and some years later he became European Champion.

After fifteen years of go-kart racing he decided to switch over to racing cars, where he won several German championships. In 1990, Michaël Schumacher became a driver of Mercedes-Benz, in the Sports Car World Championship. And that same year he became the German Formula 3 Champion.

Willi Weber, a German industrial, who became his major sponsor, discovered him. Michaël made his debut here in Belgium, as a replacement driver for the Formula I Jordan team. The following year he had already won his first Grand Prix, at Spa-Francorchamps, in a Benneton powered by a Ford engine.

The following years he became third and fourth in the World Championships of 1992 an 1993, but in 1994 he became first in the World Title 1994. In 1995, he defended with success the World Championship title in a Benetton-Renault.

After almost five years he signed a contract with Ferrari, and he improved the Italian team. In exchange Ferrari provided him a better car, with the purpose to challenge the Williams-Renault team and a contract. In 1997 and 1998, he narrowly missed his World Title, and always in the final race of the season.

After a poor season in 1998, he saw McLaren's Mika Hakkinen way ahead of him in the points but he fought back: the last race, he was only four points behind on Hakkinen. So, he only had to win that race to win the World Title. He began that race on the pole position, but his engine didn't start, so he had to wait before he could repair the default. However, he battled back to a third place half the race. Then a flat tyre ended his challenge once and for all.

After that, he signed a new, overwhelming $140 million contract (that's almost 6 billion Belgian francs) which would see him at Ferrari until the end of 2001.

Last year started well for Ferrari, with the first win for Eddie Ervine. But Schumacher suffered with his car: he couldn't win the Canadian Grand Prix due to a crash, he lost his car suffering electrical problems and broke his both bones in his right leg, after a high-speed crash in the Britain Grand Prix.

Now he's the Formula One's top driver. His superb tactical thinking along with his unbelievable car control made himself the youngest double World Champion in the sport's history. He won 35 times, was 20 times in pole position an he scores every race 4.56 points average, that equal to be fourth every race. Some say that Schumacher became to old to became for the third time World Champion.

Last Sunday he became first at the Spanish Grand Prix after his rival Hakkinen gave up due to mechanical failure. Now he has an advantage of eight points on the Mc-Laren Mercedes driver Coulthart. His brother Ralf Schumacher won the previous GP.

Lets make a tour together with the winner Michaël Schumacher at the Spanish Grand Prix from last week.
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