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tiger tiger

explanation of the title

the story is about tigers and i think it's two times 'tiger' because in the beginning Lila is half tiger and half human but in the end she destroys her own powers and become whole tiger.. that's why it's tiger tiger and not tiger human or something


stage 7/8


main character:

Lila: Lila is a tiger with special powers. She is a young female. She is almost as big as the male tigers and she spented the first months of her life in a small paddock at Whipsnade Zoo. Because of her special powers she can transform into a human. as a human she has allmost chinese eyes. she is a stightly built girl. She lookes strong and has bright hair almost the same colour as her skin. She can't talk because she didn't lurn how to speak english. She cares much about the other tigers and she has the character of a human because a tiger doesn't care much about others..

other characters

steve Hattersly: He is a boy aged 12 years old. He lives in a guest house, he knows all about the tigers in Malhalm tiger park and has a special connection with Lila. He doesn't know that the girl in his barn is Lila but he knows that she has something to do with the tragic (when most of the tigers were killed) He doesn't tell his parents about her because he feels a connection with her.

Lee yung: He is a tiny, chinese man, no bigger than Steve. he has black eyes and the skin on his face was stretched tight over his face, networked with hundreds of tiny fine lines. his hair is pitch black. Lee has cancer and he believes that the blood and bones can cure cancer. that's why he wants the tigers from Nicky. He want Lila for his selve because he thinks she is a very special tiger. he calls her 'a spirit tiger'.

Nicky abbot: he is the park guide.he is a tall man, has sharp blue eyes and a mahogany brown skin. i think he is a nasty man because he works for 3 years with the tigers but when someone offers him money for the tigers he just take it and shoot the tigers. he lives in Grassington with his wife Sheila. they first lived in Africa and there they did a lot illigal stuff.

Sheila: This is the wife of Nicky. she manages a restaurant and a cafe in the Tiger park. She has dry brown skin and pale blue eyes, the same as Nicky. She doesn't care much about the tigers too because the only thing she's wurried about is that someone will find out what they've done..

Tiny: a very strong tiger. he is the biggest of all tigers and weights nearly 800 pounds. he's not really nice.

Sirrah: he is a male tiger, two years older than Lila. He has taken Lila's fancy and she calls him 'a magnificent beast'. He's scared of Tiny. He loves Lila but Tiny does too.

Donna Bella: This is Lila's mother, still in her prime. She doesn't seem to be very strong connected because when Sirrah is wounded and Lila asks her to help she just runs away.. but that's the instinct of a tiger.


between 1980 and 2000. the are cars and guns but that's not so specific..


the tiger park is in Yorkshire Dales. Nicky and Sheila live in Grassington but that's not such an important place in the story.. most of the story takes place in the Dalesland village (that's were Steve lives)

my opinion

I think it's a nice book because i like animals and i like action. what i don't like are the guns and the killing all the time. Lila is a sweet tiger/person.. She cares about the others and that's what i like about her.. I think the book is not so difficult but it has been written so strange, that i don't understant a lot of words and things.. that's anoying.. that was the reason too that i didn't want to read the book but when i got reading, i read a lot.. (about 50 pages every time) I liked the book but i wouldn't read it again because it's an english book and that's difficult..

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