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?, (the girl who’s called Alice), Go ask Alice

PAGES: 143

GENRE: Novel


Alice: She is the writer of the dairy. She is 15 years old when the story starts. You

don’t get to know her real name.

She is a nice girl, but drugs destroy her live. She is not a strong girl. She gives up

very easily. She is a kind of lonely, although she has friends. During the story she has

several friends.

Alice has a mother and a father. Her father is a professor at a university.

She has a sister Alexandria and a brother Tim.

She has grandparents too, which she loves a lot, they are her mom’s parents.

Alice has a whole bunch of friends during the story. I will just name the most

important ones: Gerta, Beth, Fawn and Chris. Chris plays a big part in the story.


Alice lives with her family in a city in America near to her grandparents. She is a

good student at school, but she doesn’t have the right friends. Because of that

she’s very happy when her parents tell her that they are going to move to another

place, far away. Alice is in love with Roger and she tells him that she would always wait

for him, no matter what happened and how long.

They move into the new city. Alice is neglected at school and she can’t get any

friends again. She feels miserable and she gains about fifty pounds, although she’s

on a diet. After a while she gets friends with Beth. They are very close and talk about

everything. Then the summer comes. Beth goes to a summer camp and Alice goes to hr


At first it’s boring for her to be there, but after a while she meats new people.

Those people are popular, and from her old school. They invite her to a party. At the

party Alice uses drugs for the first time, it was in her Coke. She has her first trip from


They were playing a game when it happened.

At the party Alice meats a guy named Bill. He introduces Alice to more drugs and they

have sex. Alice feels guilty about that, because of Roger. Alice doesn’t really want

to do this all, but she is just curious about it.

After the party she goes home and takes some sleeping pills of her grandparents.

When the summer is over with, Alice goes home. Alice goes to the doctor to ask for

some sleeping pills, because she can’t sleep. Beth comes back from summer camp, but

their friendship isn’t the same anymore. Alice becomes a sort of hippie after she got

home. She meats Chris, a girl who works at a boutique. She detends the same school as

Alice, but she’s one year ahead of Alice. Chris has a job for Alice and they become

very close friends. They are really popular at school.

While the time gets by, Alice gets into a lot of trouble with her parents. They find

out that she’s using and dealing drugs.

Chris and Alice get involved with two guys, Ted and Richie. They give the girls pot and

want them to sell drugs too. Alice is in love with Richie, and he forces her to sell drugs

even to little kids. One day the girls catch the boys making love to each other. The girls

get back to reality and they go to the police.

They want to go to San Francisco, Chris says that she knows some people over there.

They think that they had run away for all the problems and all the trouble, but it all

still goes on. They swear to each other not to use drugs ever again, but that’s too

late. They are addicted and decide to go home again. They want to straight their lives out

and all the things that go along with their lives.

But nothing of that helps. Alice’s grandma dies and she so hurt true that, that

she isn’t strong enough not to use drugs again.

On a day she decides not to write in her diary anymore.

At the end of the book you get to know that she dies an overdose of drugs.


The story takes place in the 1960’s. Alice is a member of a middle-class family

from the western part of America. The names of the towns they live in are not named.


Alice gets addicted to drugs and that’s the major problem. She destroys her

family, friends and her own live.

Another problem for Alice is that she doesn’t have any friends, and when she has

some friends, they are no good for her.


I don’t really have a best part in this book. I don’t now why, but I just

liked the whole book and there’s no special part that I liked the best.

I liked the parts when Alice was happy. Like with Christmas for example. She felt good

and happy, and then I was happy for her too. I felt sorry for her when she felt bad. Like

when her grandma died, I had to think about it how I would feel in the same situation. You

feel with her, that’s why I really liked the book.

It’s reality.

A lot of people now days are addicted to drugs and they don’t know how they hurt

people around them. They just think about drugs, and getting the next shot. Drugs are

dangerous, especially when you’re not strong enough not to use them.


"Go ask Alice" is a line from the song "White rabbit", a hit in

1967 from the group Jefferson Airplane. The group members used drugs themselves. In the

song a girl named Alice knows the solutions to many problems, because she’s a drug


That’s why the girl in the story is called Alice and when you have a problem,

"Go ask Alice".












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