Boekverslag : John Fowles - The Collector.
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 426 woorden.


A. In general

1. The collector.

2. John Fowles

3. First published in 1963, London

B. The contents of the book.

1. The book is about Frederick, who collects butterflies. He captures a girl named Miranda and locks her up and watches her.

2. a) The story is situated in Lewes, Sussex.

b) It takes place in the country.

3. a) It’s a rich environment, because Frederick has won 73,000 pounds in the pools.

b) Frederick is low educated, Miranda is high educated.

c) There are no religious interests.

4. The story takes place in the sixties. The year is not told, but the story takes place in the end of a year.

5. The story is completely invented.

6. Frederick Clegg (Miranda calls him Ferdinand): he’s the collector.

Miranda Grey: she’s the prisoner.

7. The relationship between Frederick and Miranda is that of a collector and prisoner. Miranda hates him, but she also feels sorry for him.

8. Frederick is a anti-hero and Miranda is a hero.

9. Miranda dies in the end of pneumonia and Frederick finds another woman he can ‘collect’.

10. The title tells you that it’s about a collector, but it won’t tell you that he collects a girl.

11. Frederick thinks he’s in love with Miranda. Miranda acts the way she does, because she is a prisoner.

D. The Author.

1. John Fowles was born in 1926, He lives in Lyme Regis, a village on England's South coast.

2. Fowles is a socialist who finds that he is gradually moving further to the left. He dislikes the British class- system, as can been seen in The collector. He does not care for the Monarchy as he associates it with Britain's imperial past.

3. He dislikes the British class-system.

4. The author wants to teach and to entertain.

E. Your opinion.

1. What me struck the most, was the fact that Frederick no personality has. Miranda on the other hand does.

3. I did like the book. I think it was a nice story, especially because it seemed very realistic. You really can imagine what is like to be a prisoner and during the story you will feel more sorry for Ferdinand.

The parts that Ferdinand tells are very easy to read, the part of Miranda's diary is more difficult, but it is still possible to understand and to follow the story.

It is nice that you hear the story of different part of views. And the end is unexpected, because you think Miranda will survive, but she doesn't.

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