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1a title: The hunt for Red October

author: Tom Clancy

publisher: William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd, Glasgow

edition: Eighteenth impression July 1990

number of pages: 479

b explain the title: The story is the name of the submarine it is all about.

2a The book is dedicated:

For Ralph Chatham,

a sub driver who spoke the truth,

and for all the men who wear dolphins

b Because it is about submarines.

3 About the author:

Tom Clancy was born in 1947 in Baltimore, USA. Was educated at Baltimore’s Loyola College. He had a successful career in insurance, which allowed him to pursue his ambition, writing. His first novel was "The hunt for Red October"(1984). After that he got support from the US government who provided him with information. Some other books of him are "Red Storm Rising" (1986) and "Tom Clancy’s Op-center" (1995). Some books of him are filmed or made computergames.

4 short summary:

The newest ultra-secret and silent submarine, Red October, of the Russians is going to defect to the USA. The Russians knows this and try to stop her. The Americans make a trick that works, they pretend that the Red October sunk, but at the end one Russian Submarine discovers it and who tries to sink the Red October. The Red October is hit but rams the Russian submarine sinking her. The Russians didn’t discover it and continued to think the Red October was destroyed.



5a The story plays around 1984 when the book was written. This isn’t mentioned in the book but you can see it from the situation, they have nuclear submarines, airplanes and so on. It plays in December.

Quotation: "Friday, 3 December" (p. 9 l. 2)

b There expires Eighteen days.

c The time passes chronological.


6 They story plays at a lot of places, the USA, Russia, the Red October, the Dallas, at carriers and so on.

Quotations: "The Red October" (p. 9 l. 3)

"CIA Headquarters" (p. 51 l. 3)

7 Main characters:

Ramius: The leading Russian captain who wants to defect. He hates the way Russia is ruled, mainly because his wife was killed through that. He wants to take revenge by defecting. He is the best Russian submarine captain.

Jack Rian: Works for the CIA and is the one who discovers Ramius wants to defect. He goes on board of the Red October to talk to the Russians. He is an analyst but he has to act as a field agent this time. He is married and has two children.

Flat characters:

Jones: Sonarman of the Dallas who detects the Red October.

Mancuso: Captain of the Dallas.

Red October: Secret new submarine of the Russians. Has a new propulsion system that is very silent.

Dallas: USA attack submarine.

8 theme:


9 narrator: It is written in the personal situation.

10 My own opinion: I liked the book very much although I already had seen the movie and read the Dutch version. I like the subject: War, submarines and espionage. I especially like the way Tom Clancy write. The technical and psychogical details, the action and the things that happen. The book was very easy to read, partly because I had already read it before.
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