Boekverslag : Geoffrey Baker - Sky High
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 787 woorden.


James, Terry Alan, an only child, was forced to say goodbye to all of his friends, because his parents had decided to move away from London to a small town by the sea. Two and a half weeks later, the Easter holidays were almost over and to-morrow Terry would have to go to his new school. Terry was very nervous and he decided not to go to school, but he would walk on the cliffs instead. The next day, and Terry rode away on his bike in the opposite direction of his school. Terry hid his bike in the bushes and went in the direction of the sea. After an hour he saw something strange, a pill-box. It was round, it had small shafts and a wooden door. Terry tried to open it; although it was rotten it would not open. Suddenly he saw a shell in the sand. He pulled the shell out. To his astonishment it was still O.K.. He decided to make it his hiding-place and to tell nobody. He did not know why, but the shell looked very important to him.

The same evening he tried to lie to his parents, but it was to no avail. His father, Mr. James, had spoken to one of his teachers. Terry's parents were not very happy and Terry had to apologize to them and to his headmaster. The next day Terry had to go to school. Everything went fine until he went home. Some bullies began to tease him. It was Spider and his gang from the Dip. The Dip is an old and unused shed. A girl, Julie, came between them. She lives in the same street as he does. At school they call it Croaky's land, because of a mean old man who lives there. It was already weekend and Terry decided to go to the pill-box. He took a rope and an iron bar to force the door. On his way he saw Julie, he tried to slip around her, but she spotted him. He liked Julie very much and he showed her the pill-box, but she had to promise not to tell anybody. The next morning, after they had forced the door, he went back to decorate it. The evening came and Terry asked Julie to meet him at nine by the pill-box. At ten o'clock, Terry was waiting, but Julie did not come. Suddenly a totally black shadow moved out in front of him. It was a man with a strange voice. Terry ran away and then he realized that he had met Croaky.

It was Monday and Terry rode to school with Julie. Terry was falling in love with her, but that same day he was punched in his stomach because of it. At dinner time, he received a note from Julie. She wanted to meet him at the Dip after four-thirty. When he got there Spider and his gang began to tease him again and they threw him in the Dip and locked him up. Terry could not get out, but after a few hours Julie came to free him. Terry left the house early the next morning to avoid Julie. The same evening she came to apologize and they went to the pill-box. They had a nice time and when they said goodnight, she kissed him. Terry and Julie made a plan, they were going to lock up Spider in the Dip, but the plan failed. They had a little accident with an oil-lamp and the Dip burnt down. The headmaster knew who had done it and Terry, but also Spider, got punished. Julie knew something was going to happen and she was right. Spider and his gang chased Terry and Julie, but they could hide in the pill-box. Spider tried to get them out, but Croaky came with his dogs to get Spider off his property. The next day a policeman came to ask Terry some questions about the shell. Spider had told the police and they came to blow it up. Suddenly there was a big bang and Terry saw the pieces of metal flying sky high.


I think that 'Sky High' is a well written, but quite easy book to read. The story is contemporary. It shows us the problems that the youngsters have when they move away from their old environments. The book is also about bullying and the effect it has on our youth. Also the problems with gangs. The only thing that disturbs me is that the book is irregular. It sometimes it shows how people feel or think and at other times it does not, so that you cannot completely describe their characters. Still I think it is a good book.
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