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The story is about Michael Dillon and his wife is Moira they live in Belfast. Michael is a hotel manager at the Clarence hotel. Michael also has a relationship with Andrea and he promised her to go to London with her also because he always wanted to go back to London. Michael wants to tell Moira about Andrea the next morning. But in the night the IRA came to their house and kept Michael and Moira in their own house hostage. But they don’t know why. Michael saw them come and tries to call the police, but it’s too late. Later Moira wakes up and she attacks one of the IRA man, then they’re also come more IRA man, Moira also wants to escape true the bathroom window but that doesn’t work. And when some iRA man scraped his face he saw the face of him. In the morning they get to now what the IRA wants to do. Michael is ordered to drive his car to the hotel he works, but with a bomb in his car. When he arrived at the hotel he must park his car at the parking place and then he has to buy something in a shop opposite the hotel and wait till a taxi arrives for him. But in the shop he called the police to say there’s a bomb in his car and it will explode the hotel. But as the IRA knows he has called the police they will kill Moira. The police evacuate all the people out of the hotel and nobody gets hurt. But Michael thinks the IRA kills his wife, but when he comes home the police is there with Moira, the IRA left before, but said to her when she moved they would kill Michael. She didn’t move, but is angry of Michael because he risked her life. Michael and Moira think they are safe, but Michael had told the police he saw the face of one of the IRA’s people and tell them he will testify against them. Then they go to Moira’s parents. There they get a fight and Michael goes to Andrea in his hotel and they slept there in a luxe room. When they have breakfast in the morning Moira saw them close to each other and later that day Michael tells her about his affair. After that she goes to the press and tells them the hole story about their hostage and even that Michael saw a face of one the IRA’s people cold Kev`. But the police had said to them not to tell anyone about the hostage and that they could better go to London because it’s safer. But Moira didn’t want that. Michael did want it and was transferred to London and he could come with Andrea. Just before they went to London their came a priest to tell that he mustn’t testify against Kev` (the man whose face was seen.) Then they went to London and they could stay in an apartment of friends of Andrea. After a nice weekend he went to work. Michael had decided that he won’t testify against the IRA, but when he wants to tell the police, it was too late. Two men killed him in his own room. This time there would be no witness.


I think the most important scene out this book is when Michael drives in his car with the bomb in the bag, he must decided what he should do. He has two things to do, the one thing is he could let explode the bomb and all the people in the hotel get killed. Or he must call the police to say there is a bomb in his car and let evacuate the hotel, but when he does that the IRA will kill his wife. So I think the most important scene is when he must decide what he must do. When he drives with his car to the hotel and must think what to do. And then later in the shop opposite the hotel the moment that he decided to call, to make that decision. Because it’s a big decision to make and he must choose one. And that kind of decision will stay at your mind your whole life. Especially when he had chosen the wrong thing. But he chose the good thing because nobody was killed. That’s what the story is going about. When he had chosen the other option it was maybe al wrong. And he knew that Moira would be angry because he risked her life or maybe dead when the IRA killed her, but when so many innocent people get killed it either isn’t fair. So it is a big deal to make that kind of decision

My own opinion

My own opinion about this book, I liked this book. It was easy to read there were not much difficult words and long sentences. It was also a nice story. I like stories that are exciting and this one was a very exciting story, because it was every time very unexpectable what happened and you couldn’t know how the story goes on. Especially the end was very wonderful, because I expected something hole different. There is also in the hold book a spanning and that’s why I couldn’t stop reading it.

About the way of work together, I found it nice to work together. There weren’t problems because we had good deals. Everyone knew what he has to do. And we had a good planning, because we must read every lesson 50 pages and so the book was quickly out. And then we good start to make the report. We could also help each other with English and help each other with doing their part. That’s to fine thing of work together. And it is also much more sociable then work alone.
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