Boekverslag : Kieran Mcgovern - Love By Design
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1201 woorden.

Titel: Love by Design

Auteur: Kieran McGovern


Tom is a man who’s working in a library.

He failed hies exam. He always wants to the Silverton College, because he wants to be an artist, but the Silverton College said that he return to school and take his exams again.

One day the door of the library opens and a girl walks in. A beautyful girl. She smiles at him, and Tom falls in love.

Tom said “hello” and the girl said hello back. The next day waited Tom for the beautifull girl, but she doesn’t come. After that long day he go outside the library and waited for the beautyfull girl, but there came nobody.

The next day he waited, just like yesterday, but nobody cames.

Today he was working and the beautyfull girl came in, Tom said Hello and the girl look sad, but smiled at Tom.

Tom begins a little talk, and ask her name, her name was Rita.

Rita told Tom that she always wants to be an model, but she can’t.

Her fater wanted she married Bungo, a man who’s got money.

One day Tom had a great idee, and tell Rita. He said: I can help you, I make some pictures off you and post them. A few weeks later the letters came back, but nobody wanted Rita.

After a few days Rita saws an invation in the newspaper it called:

Models wanted.


phone Mr Spooner TEL: 7435278

Rita wants to call the number but Tom doesn’t think it was a good idea, but he don’t wanna hurd Rita, so Rita call. And the next evening Mr Spooner, Rita and Tom where sitting in the cafĂ© called Big John’s. Mr Spooner had an Contract with him.

Rita wants to sign it as soon as possible, but Tom don’t VERTROUWDE Mr Spooner, so he asked if he could take it to his home, and sign it tommorow. Mr Spooner said that that couldn’t because there are a lot of other girls. Tom wanted to speak to Rita, alloon.

So Rita en Tom go outside. Tom said that he not trustMr Spooner, and that there are a lot off little letters.

Rita said that that not trea, and said that Tom EGOISTISCH was. So Tom signed the contract to. After all he never had to do that.

Tom was a cross with Rita, and never wants to see her again. Danny, a friend of Rita’s, said that he must call her. But Tom don’t wanna call her, Tom wants that Rita calls.

Then one day came Shana into the Libarry and said that Rita still loves Tom.

Shana dropped an newspaper on Tom’s BUREAU. Tom dropped the newspaper in the PRULLENBAK, he don’t wanna hear anything about Rita. On 14 February there wasn’t a card for Tom, but at the and off the day Shana cames in, with a card, She gives Tom the card, Tom oppen it, and it was an Invation for the marriage of Rita and MR SPOONER!!!!

There stood also I LOVE YOU, but Tom dropped the card in his bag.

A few days later the police came in and ask for Tom, they wanted to speak Tom.

‘Why do you want to see me?’ Tom asked. The detective took some papers from his raincoat pocket. ‘Have you seen theso before?’ he asked. He gave the papers to Tom. Tom looked at the papers. There was his signature. Rita’s signature was also. ‘It’s my signature,’said Tom, ‘and my handwriting. But I don’t remember what this is.’ The detective took out a photograph. ‘Do you know this man?’ he said. ‘He calls himself many different names.

Tom looked at the photo. It was a picture of a man. ‘That’s Mr Spooner,’said Tom.

‘Spooner, eh? He hasn’t used that name before.’ ‘Who is he? What has he done?’asked Tom.

‘His real name is Keith Dutton,’said the detective. ‘He’s a confidence trickster.’

‘A what?’

‘A man who tricks people to get money. You helped him to steal money to the bank, you will pay it back.’

‘I helped him!’ said Tom. ‘How?’

‘You signed this paper for him. It says that if Spooner wes money to the bank, yo wil pay it back.’

Tom said that he didn’t know. The police said: ‘If you teling the truth, you must help us now, you must find Spooner and the girl.’

Tom thought for a moment. Then he had an idea. ‘I don’t know where they are now, but I think I can help you.’ Said Tom.

Tom took the invation to Rita’s wedding out of a drawer. Then he made a copy of the invation.

Tom gave the copy to the detective. ‘You can arrest them at the wedding,’he said.

‘All right,’said the detective.

Saturday 17th april: Tom went to his bedroom and sat on his bed. Did he have to go to the wedding? Perhaps he could ru naway? He looked at his watch. Twelve o’clock.

The detective was coming at twelve. He ran to the bedroom window. No, it was too late. The detetive was sitting in a car with another policeman.

Tom met the police mans. ‘I’m sure that Rita is innocent,’ said Tom. ‘Mr Spooner is the real criminal. He tricked Rita and –’

‘I must arrest Rita and Spooner,’ said the detective.

They arrived at the wedding.

But they were too late. Mr Spooner and Rita are away, but they didn’t marriage.

After 2 months, Tom toke his Exams again. Off the end off August, Tom get his exam results. He had passed the exams with excellent grades.

Tom was working at the libarry and Danny came in, he said: ‘So we’re going to Silverton College, Tom. Fantastic, eh?’ ‘Yes I suppose so’said Tom.

‘Anyway,’said Danny, ‘I’ve come to talk about the party. It’s a “Theme” pary. Everyone will be wearing costumes. You have to dress as a famous character from a film.’


‘Yes. And you must wear a mask cover your face. You can only take the mask off after midnight.’

‘I don’t enjoy parties without Rita,’he said.

‘Oh please come, Tom!’said Danny. ‘Friday is your birthday. You must go out on your birthday.’

‘But I haven’t got a costume to wear,’said Tom.

‘Don’t worry,’said Danny. ‘I’ll get you a costume. I know someone who makes clothes.’

It was Friday…

Tom said to Danny: The party is great!

‘There are so many great costumes. But my Charlie Chaplin costume is the best of all. It’s fantastic. Where did you get it?’ asked Tom.

Danny smiled.’A friend gave it to me. Another new student. She’s going to be one of the best young designers in the country.’

‘Really? What’s her name?’

Danny did nog answer Tom’s question.

As Danny went to dance, a girl dressed in a beautiful ball dress came up to Tom.

‘Hello’she said. They talked and once it was 12 o’clock.

They must take off their masks.

The girl lifted the mask from her face. ‘Happy birthday, Tom!’she said.

It was Rita,Rita was go to the police and tell anything, Spooner was sitting in the prison.

Tom said: I’m having a fantastic birthday, Danny!’

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