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English Book report 3: The Pigman and Me.

By Paul Zindel

Book report made by: Dennie Wopereis.

Paul Zindel is a boy. He, his mother and his sister moved to a new house, In Travis, because the mother of Paul couldn’t get along with last housekeeper, so he threw them out. The mother of Paul bought the house with money from a friend. That friend was going to live there to. She, Connie brought her twins and her father Frankie and mother Mamie. Paul’s family arrives first in Travis. When they arrive, the house is full with insects, so they put some insect bombs on the floor and let them go of. Connie arrives a day later. She brings her twins with her and also her mother Mamie and father Frankie. Paul likes Frankie. He really can get along with Frankie. Paul’s family lives upstairs, and Connie and her twins downstairs. The father and mother of Connie went back to their home, after the weekend, but they come over every weekend. Paul meets a girl who’s called Jennifer. She tells him that Travis is a strange town, and she isn’t enjoying herself, because all the people are very old, and they act like zombies. She is afraid, that she wouldn’t be able to get away from Travis. She warns Paul for the boys in Travis, because they are Polish and don’t accept other children, who aren’t Polish.

When the vacation is over, Paul has to go to school. There he has his first fistfight. He didn’t know all the rules yet, because one boy, who had to explain all the rules to him, didn’t say that with gym, you have to return your bats after fifteen minutes. So when one boy asked for Paul’s bat, Paul didn’t want to give his bat away and they got fighting. Paul hid him so the other boy got a black eye. The boy wanted revenge. After the weekend will find the match place. Paul is scared and tells Frankie what’s going on. Frankie helps Paul, he teaches him some fighting tactics. Paul’s mother came back that afternoon. She had found work at an animal doctor. She brought with her a collie, just like Lassie. She really liked the Lassie-t.v.shows. After school on Monday, Paul had to fight with the guy who had the black eye. He walked in the circle of a couple of hundred children. Paul can’t remember half the thing Frankie told him. He does some things Frankie had told him. But when he wants to kick against the boy’s leg, the boy tries to hit him but he barely touched him, Paul falls down. The boy says that they are even now. Some of the boys around them want to see blood. One of them tries to attack Paul, but Paul’s sister gets there just in time to grab the boy in his neck. Paul and the boy with the black eye become friends.

The mother of Paul brought more and more collies with her from work, and those collies got puppies.

Jennifer and Paul spend lots of time in an apple tree in the backyard. Paul had a teacher that he really loved, it was Miss Konlan, and she gave English. She loved to listen to Paul telling his stories. She let him even stay after school, just

to hear Paul’s stories. But she got a nervous breakdown and never came back to school again. The day after that, Paul and Jennifer talked a lot about dead. They were afraid that they would die. Nonno Frankie came into the apple tree. He sat down there with Paul and Jennifer. He tried to cheer them up, but it wasn’t working. So he asked what the matter was and they told him. Frankie talked to them in a way, that they would forget the bad things about dead, and see the good things about it. There were twenty-six collies now, all barking in a pen. Frankie, Paul and Jennifer opened the gate of the pen, and take the dogs, to a field behind their backyard.

Behind the backyard, there was an airport. Paul and Jennifer went there oft. They were allowed to fly with some of the pilots, but they didn’t tell it to Paul’s mother. On an evening, Paul had to feed the dogs. When he went downstairs, he overheard Connie talking to his sister Betty. They talked about love and boys. The twins heard their conversation too, and told one day with supper what they heard. Paul’s mother was very angry because she should have told Betty about love. She yelled at Connie and Betty and then she went away and saying that she would kill herself. Because she had sad that often, Paul and Betty didn’t believe it. The next day, she wasn’t back. Paul went to the apple tree, to sit in it. When he came there, someone had cut in the three with an axe.

Paul knew that this would be one of the last days in Travis, because Connie had talked to Betty.

Paul said goodbye to Jennifer. At the last day, Paul said also goodbye to Nonno Frankie. He talked with Paul. Paul had to close his eyes and imaging the mountain Vesuvius. There, on top of it, he would meet a boy and that boy would give Paul answers to all of his questions. Paul asked him to tell him, what he was going to be. The boy didn’t say a thing, but he gave Paul a golden pen. Now Paul knows what he will be, he will be a writer.

Own opinion:

I think it was a good book. In the first few chapters, you don’t know what a pigman is. But it gets clear in the last chapter. The book wasn’t difficult to read. I can recommend this book to other children, because it isn’t a book that is going to bore you.
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