Boekverslag : H.g. Wells - The Invisible Man
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H.G. Wells simplified by T.S. Gregory.

Title of the book

The invisible man.



Main characters

Mr. Griffin: He was the stranger who became an invisible man by an experiment. He was a student before he became an invisible man.

Dr. Kemp: A man who was on the same school as Griffin. Griffin came to him when he needed help.

Mrs Hall: She was the owner of the inn, were Mr. Griffin stayed.


Port Burdock


Round 1998

Who tells the story

A narrator


On a day when it wasn't usual for visitors to come to an inn, the stranger came. He had bandages over his face and hands and he worn glasses and a coat. After a few days the stranger received lots of bottles which were used for experiments. The stranger was not liked in the inn and when something was stolen, the people suspected him. His behaviour was not friendly so the owner of the inn refused to give him food. The stranger became angry and he showed his face. He was invisible and the people became scared. The invisible man went away. He forced a man to help him. When the man ran away the invisible man followed him to kill him but he failed. The invisible man was shot in his arm and he went to Dr. Kemp for help. Dr. Kemp trapped the invisible man and the people tried to catch the invisible man. The people took care that the invisible man couldn't eat, sleep and drink. Next day the invisible man wanted to kill Dr. Kemp and every human who wanted to help Dr. Kemp. He failed and finally the invisible man died. When he was dead he got back his visibility.

My opinion

I read the book with pleasure except the end because the invisible man died. The book was very easy to read but it wasn't boring. I didn't like the thoughts of the invisible man cause he wanted to kill every person who wouldn't help him. I also didn't like the reaction of Dr. Kemp because he trapped the invisible man.
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