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The Color Purple


Alice Walker

Title explaination

The color purple stands for indipendence of Celie and Shug. Because when Celie for the first time in her life is able to choose a dress, she chooses a purple dress.


The book starts on a farm down in the south of America at the beginning of the 20th century. Nettie and Celie are two sisters, who do a lot together. Celie (the eldest of the two sisters) is several times being raped by her father (who seemed to be her stepfather in the end) and he still abuses her. Several times she became a baby from him and that's why she may not go to school anymore, so she was very low educated. The father decided Celie had to go.

Some Mr._____ wanted to marry Nettie, but the father was against it and made a deal: Mr._____ could have Celie and a cow. Celie and Mr._____ married, Celie had to look after the children of Mr._____ .After some time Mettie runs away form home, to go and liver with Cilie. But Mr.______ tried to seduce her and she thought it was better to leave, so she goes back home. Mr._______ abuses and rapes Celie often, and Celie writes more often letters to God. And then Shug comes, she's and old girlfriend of Mr._____, she is ill and mover into Celie's house. Celie learns a lot of Shug and they become good friends.

Afer Shug was cured, she went back to Memphis where she married a man. When Shug visits Celie again they find a box with letters from Nellie written to Celie, Mr._____ had kept the letters away from Celie, because he was still in a certain rage that he couldn't marry Nellie. The letters said that Nellie lived with a rich black family with hom she moved to Africa, and there she became a teacher. Celie resisted more and more against her husband, because she found out that her father wasn't her real father, and he hadn't the right to give her away to Mr.______. Celie leaves home and starts with the money of Shug a shop.

Celie got a letter from the US Navy and it said that the ship Nellie was on had sunk, Celie thought Nellie was dead, but she felt she was alive). Later her husbandcomes back because he had seen his sins. Celie and her husband moved into a house she had inherited of her real father who died. And then some day a car stopped in front of the house and Nettie got out of the car. Celie and Nettie were very glad to see eachother and celebrated the fact they were toghether again.

Main characters

Celie- An uneducated, ugly, 14-year old black girl. She can't trust anybody, that's whyt she writes letters to God. First she is an submissive wife but when she met Shug, she became an independence woman.

Nettie- Celie's younger sister, well educated, she has an general interest in people and she is observant.

Mr (Albert)- Good looking widower, he is inconsiderate, cruel and contemptuous of women. At the end of the book he changes and he becomes a real friend to Celie.

Shug Avery- Attractive woman, famous blues singer, independent woman, emotional and bisexual.

Father (Pa)- Stepfather of Celie and Nettie, lust after his stepdaughters.
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