Boekverslag : Mark Twain - The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 224 woorden.


The adventures of Tom Sawyer


Tom Sawyer is a boy who is ful of adventure, he lives in a small village near the Mississippi River.

One night, Tom and his best friend Huck saw a murder. Only they knew that the killer was Injun Joe, but the man was never catched and lived further as a free man.

After a fjew mounths Tom and Huck saw Injun Joe by coincidence whit a box full of money. A couple of days later Tom went in a big cave with his girlfriend to have some fun, but they lost their way out. The people of the village sought them, but they didn't find them.

Final Tom and Betty found there way out themselves. Right after that, Tom saw Injun Joe going in the cave. After their return in the village the people closed the cave so there would be never anyone again in that cave, but they didn't know that the killer was in it.

When they opened it again, Injun Joe lay dead on the ground.

In that while Huck had discovered that the box whit money was in that cave. He knew the place and satisfyed Tom to show him the right way.

So they went again in the cave and as they came out, they were ritch.
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