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Sue Townsend

Title of the book

The secret diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 ¾

Main characters

Adrian Mole, Pandora and Bert Baxter.

Description of the main characters

Adrian Mole: Adrian is about thirteen years old and an incredible worrier. 'The problems of existence' hit him hard, like spots, being in love and the relationship between his parents. He strongly believes he is an intellectual.

Pandora: she is a new girl at Adrian's school. Adrian immediately falls in love with Pandora. She is dating Adrian's best friend and she creates scandals at school. In spite of this, after a while Adrian and Pandora get together.

Bert Baxter: Bert is a dirty old man who lives in a house that is in a disgusting state. Adrian has got to look after him, because he has joined a group called 'The Good Samaritans'. This group organises all sorts of social work and Adrian gets saddled with Bert Baxter.



Number of pages


A summary of the story

Adrian starts his secret diary on January 1, when he is 13 ¾ years old. He makes some resolutions for the New Year and is worried about a spot on his face (he never had one before). Adrian's parents quarrel all the time, and now, during the celebration of the New Year, they quarrel about the flowers Adrian's mother got from the neighbour. When Adrian decides to become an intellectual after a while, he writes a letter to the BBC and asks what he must do from this point on. He also writes his first poem and joins the library. At school he meets Pandora. Now he is even more worried about his spots, because he wants to leave a good impression of course. He joins a group called 'The Good Samaritans' which does much social work for old people. Adrian is signed to look after Bert Baxter. His first visits to the old man are very disappointing. Bert appears to be a really dirty old man and his house looks incredibly disgusting. And if that isn't enough already, he starts complaining about Adrian to the headmaster and Adrian is wrongly reprimanded. And when he nearly got over all this, he finds out his best friend his dating Pandora. In March he gets to hear that his parents are splitting up. At the end of the month his father leaves the house and decides to live in Sheffield. On June 1 his father gets unemployed and starts drinking and smoking heavily. At school Adrian gets in trouble because of wearing red socks. He does this because he feels rebellious. Suddenly, Pandora organises a sock protest committee and all the members put on red socks. Unfortunately, the head master sends them all home. In October Bert Baxter is taken to an old age pensioner's home because he suffers from leg trouble. He hates it in there but only a month later, after Adrian has gone to the hospital to have his tonsils out, he hears that Bert has become friends with a woman called Queenie. In the meantime Adrian's father is still unemployed and does really nothing all day long. Adrian's relationship with Pandora isn't very harmonious anymore and when Pandora finds out another girl is in love with Adrian, she fights her. Adrian has a three day during friendship with a girl called Barbara. On April 2, Adrian's birthday, Pandora ignores him. But the next day already, they make up with each other.

My personal opinion

The book is written very funny. It's 'nice' to see what overcomes Adrian and how he struggles with the things of real life and life itself. He is a typical teenager that worries about typical things. The first time I read it the book I was the same age as Adrian, so the book very much appealed to me then. Now the subjects do less, but the English humour in the book I can still laugh about. This was one of the first English books I have ever read and it made me interested more in the language. From then on, I started to read more English and I paid the most attention to English in my class at school.

Optional assignment

Friday December 31st

Dear Diary,

This year has been the luckiest year of my life because of several reasons. As you know I broke up with Pandora because I found out she is an escaped prisoner. But I have found a very nice woman with who I soon will be married to! Also my parents got back together after fifteen years of arguing about the most stupid and ridiculous things. They are planning to get remarried. I can't believe it, but I'm very happy!  Barry Kent has finally left me alone after years ofrightening me: I have never liked him, but after his car accident, I did go to his funeral. Tomorrow you can read about my new New Year resolutions. For now, I don't want to think about him yet.
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